The Heartbreak Hit “Marry Me”

“Marry Me” markets itself as an intimate ballad about a guy who attends the wedding of the love of his life. It takes us through a journey of his thoughts as he sits through his excruciating pain. This would then thrust to our love woes. Have you ever had someone who got away from your life? Do you regret it? And now, you have to suffer through the consequences of not telling them how you feel?

Country music, in general, does that to us. It gives us reflective journeys of our own life. And, Thomas Rhett is a rising country star who does just that.

The music video that accompanies “Marry Me’ is a very interesting one. It rings true to the narrative of the lyrics of the song. The music video is the perfect visual accompaniment. It stars “Sam” as its protagonist. But, the twist ending is what makes it so special.

Watch the music video here!

Thomas Rhett and the origins of “Marry Me”

Thomas Rhett has definitely had a joyride full of success as he made his way on top of the music charts. Just last year, he released the back-to-back-to-back chart-topping hits: “Craving You,” “Unforgettable,” and of course, “Marry Me.”

“Marry Me” was penned as a response to a what if situation. Rhett has said that there was a point in his life where he thought of not telling his now-wife Lauren about his feelings toward her. And, although he said that he wouldn’t be as sad as the guy from the song’s music video, he admitted that he would be devastated nonetheless.

But Rhett isn’t a big fan of sad endings. And he certainly got his happy one! And in an interview, he liked that the ending in the music video was an open-ended one because he believed that the people in the video turned out to be a couple and hoped that they would be in a happy place now. Well, he sure is not the only one!