December 28

Standing Ovation as Alan Jackson Stopped “Pop a Top” Mid-Performance

Isn’t it lovely when you see two country music legends supporting each other?

In the 1999 CMA Awards, Alan Jackson showed his utmost respect towards George Jones by singing “Choices” after he stopped performing his own song, “Pop a Top.” He proved that music award shows are more than awards, views, votes, and live performances. Jackson took the stage boldly and left everyone in awe.

Alan Jackson and George Jones

Country music singer and songwriter Alan Jackson always looked up to George Jones as one of his musical icons and inspirations. Jones is Jackson’s close friend, and their bond is strong enough to earn Jones and his wife a cameo in one of Jackson’s music videos.

Both the careers of Alan Jackson and George Jones were peaking during the time. Alan Jackson’s “Pop a Top” was in the charts, but one of George Jones’ songs, “Choices,” peaked at the #5 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song immediately became a hit that people demanded to hear it live. 

And CMA heeded the people’s call. They invited George Jones over to the CMA Awards and told him to sing his hit song “Choices,” but only for a short while. Jones refused to sing a shorter version of his song and decided not to attend the award show.

What Truly Happened

Alan Jackson was also invited to be in the 1999 CMA Awards, where he was told to perform his song, “Pop a Top.” 

The live performance was going smoothly; Jackson sang the upbeat song with a grin on his face as he seemed to be enjoying his time while on stage.

What will surprise you, though, is how he ended his performance.

Alan Jackson stopped mid-performance, during an instrumental break of his song, and sang George Jones’s “Choices” instead. While he was singing his good friend’s song, the audience stood on their feet and gave Jackson thundering applause and loud cheers. After performing, he walked off on stage, guitar in hand and the spotlight still trailing him.

Although regarded as a form of protest by some, Alan Jackson singing “Choices” as a tribute to George Jones is seen as a form of great respect to a friend and a fellow country music artist.

You may haven’t seen it, but you surely don’t want to miss the moment in this video below.


Alan Jackson, George Jones

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