December 11

George Strait has a New Single! An Ode to His Tequila Brand “Código”

The First Song Since 2015

The current king of country music, George Strait just dropped his new single “Código”.  The new single was co-written by the king himself with his son, Bubba Strait and songwriter, Dean Dillon. The song is all about his favorite tequila brand. Whether it’s swirled into a margarita or just plain straight up, it’s nothing new to a country song.

King George in Concert. Photo Credits to
King George in Concert. Photo Credits to

A song about a liquor, again, is not new in the music industry. However, what’s new about George Strait’s new song is that he doesn’t just pay tribute to tequila itself, its an ode to his brand of liquor, Código 1530.

“Código” is the spearhead of the upcoming song for George Strait’s new album, “Honky Tonk Time Machine.” According to the Rolling Stone, the living legend of country music announced the big news last Friday (December 7) on the Strait to Vegas Show. The new album is expected to be released sometime in 2019.


Código is made in Jalisco, Mexico (That’s what the song said). The tequila, Código was used to be available only for the friends and family of the tequila makers. According to a 2016 interview with the King of Country Music, George Strait liked the drink so much he wondered where he could buy it. Someone told him that it had been made by a small group of Mexican families for years, and was only made available for family and friends of the family. When they decided to distribute it out, Strait was on board.

You will definitely like the new lively song by the king of country music. Listen to the new single below.


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