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The Choices George Jones Made Lead Him To Know God

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How do you make your decisions in life? Do you let your emotions dictate your choices? Or do you wait and take some time to think about it? The choices we make will always have an outcome thus we have to always think well before making a decision. However, there are times that even though we think hard before we make a decision it still ends up badly.

George Jones Choices

The song “Choices” suits George Jones as he had made some bad choices in his life. At the beginning of his career, he was known to be an alcoholic. His dependence on alcohol and certain drugs made him unable to perform in his shows. However, in 1999 Jones completely stopped from drinking and smoking. His choices in life may be bad, but without those choices, he wouldn’t have met God.

Billboard and Grammy

“Choices” was first performed by Billy Yates in 1997. However, Jones received more recognition with this song. He recorded it in 1999 as the number one track for his album Cold Hard Truth. His version peaked at No. 30 on the US Billboard Country Airplay in 1999. Aside from entering the Billboard chart, he received a Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance in 1999 for his song “Choices.”

“Choices” Shortened Version

There was a controversy that happened regarding George Jones and his performance for the CMA in 1999. He was asked by the show to perform the song in its shortened version. Jones didn’t like the idea, therefore, he didn’t attend the show.

God and Choices in Life

The choices we make in our life is important so we should take our time when making decisions. But, sometimes not every decision we make will lead us to a happy ending, the best thing to do is have faith in God. When you are confused with your life, follow what Jones did. He prayed to God for guidance.

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