July 29

Tigirlily’s “Somebody Does” Is What We All Need To Hear Right Now

Tigirlily’s “Somebody Does” is the empowering inspiration we all need to hear at a time when everything feels spiraling down. The song written by the North Dakota country duo themselves -Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh – alongside friend and songwriter Zarni Devette made waves after it was released last February 23. It quickly topped the all-genre US iTunes song sales chart, dethroning Olivia Rodrigo’s heartbreak anthem “driver’s license.” In a tweet, the two celebrated and thanked everyone who supported the song. 

Tigirlily, a duo formed by sisters in 2013, released a teaser clip of the song in their social media accounts which received so much anticipation that they just knew they had to put the song out. But before they were able to write the song, they were plagued with so many thoughts on what exactly to write, especially during the time of a pandemic. All they knew was that they wanted to make the music that creates a difference. 

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During the songwriting session, they kept on coming up with the phrase, ‘I don’t know who needs to hear this, but somebody does.’ And then ideas started to pour out as they pushed through despite not feeling their most creative selves. The next thing they knew, they finished the whole song in just one afternoon.

Everyone who got to hear the song before it was released definitely felt how special it was. And all of them said the same thing: that there will be so many people that they would be able to reach with the message of the song. And true enough, it did. 

And just this month, the duo shared their heartwarming reaction on TikTok after being featured as the spotlight artist on the Bobby Bones Show. And of course, after hearing their song play. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out the acoustic version of Tigirlily’s “Somebody Does” in the video below. And you’ll definitely realize how much you needed to hear it today. 



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