July 6

Honoring Family Tradition and Defining Who You Are

Being a son of The Legend or someone who is known to the industry is quite pressuring. You are expected to be that person. But not to Hank Williams Junior, or a.k.a. Bocephus – as he narrates his story in his fourth single, Family Tradition from the same-titled album. 

The song was released in May 1979 and was written by the singer himself. “Family Tradition” combined sounds that most of Hank William Jr. songs sound like all these years—Southern rock, old-school pop, Adult Oriented Rock, and honky-tonk, the blues. 

It is a sort of rebellion song. The single allows him to scold who’d ever condemned him for not producing songs like his father’s (Hank Williams Sr., a music legend & a.ka Hillbilly Shakespeare) or who’d disgraced him due to his futile and drinking habits were similar to his father’s. The lyrics voice the singer’s remorseless ambition to create his style. While simultaneously declaring how gratified and grateful Williams is to be one of his father’s golden legacy. 

“Family Tradition” works overtime to be in touch with people and resonances of the past, although it accordingly throws over the past all for unique sounds. It formed the Hank Williams Jr. we’ve known since then. 

Family tradition by Hank Williams Jr was at the #4 spot on the Hot Country Songs chart and has also secured the #16 spot on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart. The song also earned the Gold certification by the RIAA and has sales of more than 900,000. 

Williams knows he is not The Legend, and he understands people might not approve of how he brings his surname. However, regardless, he still shoulders the family’s tradition in music. Listen and watch the video of Hank Williams Jr.’s “family tradition” below to gain inspiration.


Hank Williams Jr.

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