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Mark Wills’ Sweet Country Ballad “I Do (Cherish You)”

If you are looking for a sweet country classic song for your lover, then this one might be for you. Mark Wills “I Do (Cherish You)” is one that stands out from all of his songs because of its sweet message and the way that Mark Wills sang it. It also helped that it was released back in the ’90s, the time where country romantic songs were at its peak.

Mark Wills Sings “I Do (Cherish You)”

The track was released back in 1998 under the country singer’s album Wish You Were Here. It was penned by prolific country songwriters Keith Stegall and Dan Hill. This became the third top 10 hits on the Hot Country Billboard chart for Mark Wills, proving that it is one of his best songs.

mark wills, i do
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The official music video for the song was also great as it was shot in black and white making it more dramatic. The video had a great story as the man proposes to his woman inside the train with the support of his band members.

Lyrics Breakdown

Didn’t know where I was going
Until that day I found you
How you opened my life to a new paradise

mark wills, i do
via YouTube

This Mark Wills-track is a sweet ballad that should be heard by everyone who is in love. It details a man who is grateful that he found the person who showed him the way. In life, we just need that special someone to really show us what genuine love feels like. Love has the power to change someone’s actions, and when it’s used for good, it can change someone for the better. Oftentimes, we see people getting lost in their way because they haven’t found the one yet.

In this track, the man sings about how he gained a new perspective on life when he found the love of his life. A surge of inspiration and new motivation came into him and this should be the case when we love someone.

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Mark Wills

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