July 2

Josh Turner’s Golden Voice Shines through his Song “Would You Go With Me”


Josh Turner probably has the deepest voice I’ve heard in country music. When you listen to his song “Would You Go With Me,” it makes it hard to say no to someone like him. His voice is God-sent and one that is very appropriate for country music. I know ladies are turned on with his song “Your Man,” but this single (to me at least) ranks as one of his best ones.

josh turner, voice
via Josh Tuner’s official Facebook page

Josh Turner’s Golden Voice

In this song, his baritone voice shines through and the listener is taken aback by how deep his voice can be. In the world of country music, Josh Turner’s voice is one with the deepest among the artists. The great thing about Josh Turner is that he writes and releases gospel songs. Not only does he make swoon-worthy love songs, but he also praises the Lord through ’em.

This is very much evident with his recent release of the album I Serve a Savior, wherein most are gospel songs. It was released back in October 2018 and we could not wait for more music from this man. His heavenly voice could do no wrong for me.

josh turner, voice
via Josh Turner’s Official Facebook Page

Lyrics Breakdown

If I gave you my hand would you take it
And make me the happiest man in the world

No one could probably resist Josh Turner’s voice. The song is a sweet gesture and it reminds us that chivalry is still alive. We still treat women with appreciation and adoration. We should go to lengths to gain their trust and love because they are the world to us.

The song is made more special since we are talking about Josh’s voice here. The sincerity and authenticity are very much heard on the singer’s voice. This is mainly why Josh Turner is well-loved by the traditional country fans and the new wave of country fans too.

Listen to the song here:


I Serve a Savior, Josh Turner, Would You Go With Me

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