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In Honor of Patrick Swayze: One of Hollywood’s Most Savvy and Versatile Actors

From Houston,Texas, a man with many talents named Patrick Swayze was born on August 18, 1952. His career kicked off during the ‘80s when he starred at popular films and shows. Sadly, Swayze passed away in 2009 when he discovered that he had developed a stage IV pancreatic cancer.

Before he died, Swayze said that he had lived a full life and he would accept the fact that he would be dying soon. Let us take a look back on Swayze’s fantastic on-screen journey.

The Beast

Swayze’s final job and project before his health slowly deteriorated was the A&E TV series “The Beast” where he starred as an FBI Agent. It was also during the filming of the television series that Swayze’s was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He still continued working while receiving treatment.

Alan Sepinwall saw how Swayze’s performance during the television series was getting better and better. He quoted that Swayze’s performance might be a result of how determined he was in beating cancer and was pouring out his all in the role that he was assigned to. Sadly, the television series lasted for just one season.


Swayze introduced himself in London’s West End by playing the role of Nathan Detroit in the musical, “Guys and Dolls.”

In 2006, Swayze also played the voice part for Cash, the lead singer for the country music dog band from the movie “The Fox and the Hound 2.” This was followed by his role in the film “Christmas in Wonderland.” Swayze also played the role of an aging rock star in “Powder Blue” where he co-starred with his brother Don.

Entering the 2000s’

Patrick Swayze’s career was put into a halt while he recovers from several injuries. In 2000, he returned to filming and co-starred with Melanie Griffith in “Forever Lulu.” Swayze’s also appeared as a famous motivational speaker in “Donnie Darko” who was later discovered as a closeted pedophile.

In 2002, Swayze’s co-starred with Billy Rob Thornton and Charlie Theronin in the film “Walking Up in Reno.” The film revolved around the story of two redneck couples who took a road trip from Little Rock to Reno to see a monster truck rally.

The following year, Swayze ,together with his wife Lisa Niemi, co-produced and starred in the fictional dance film, “One Last Dance.” The movie revolved around an actual dance production that was choreograph by Alonzo King. The film also featured some of Patrick Swayze’s original compositions.


Patrick Swayze’s career bloomed into a great one during his 1980’s stint in the television show “M*A*S*H* where he played several supporting roles.

In 1987, he got the break that boosted his career. He was tasked to play the role of the hunky dance instructor who later fell in love with a student in “Dirty Dancing.” This role showed what Patrick Swayze could offer and he was marked as a rising star to watch for in the industry.

Swayze didn’t just stick to what he could do on the big screen. He proved his versatility when he starred as Danny Zuko in the long running Broadway production, “Grease.” This also enabled the beginning of his singing career.

Dirty Dancing

The film Dirty Dancing showed what Patrick Swayze was capable of as a performer. Though it was a low budget film and was only for a one-week release, this propelled Swayze’s career to fame. The film showcased Swayze’s great dancing skill and his singing capabilities.

Just after Dirty Dancing, Swayze’ became one of the most sought after actor. He played several roles in various films like the 1990 “Ghost” featuring Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg and the 1991 blockbuster action film Youngblood, with cast mate, Keanu Reeves. It was also on this same year when he was chosen by the People Magazine as the “Sexiest Man Alive.”

I Am Patrick Swayze

In 1997, Swayze’s contribution to the film industry was appreciated after gaining his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

To sum, Patrick Swayze’s film acting contributions and produced could not be understated. He would always remain as an iconic figure for all of us.


Patrick Swayze

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