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Patrick Swayze’s Voice Will Leave You in Awe after Hearing Him Sing


You probably didn’t know that Patrick Swayze can sing, because we all knew him as an American actor playing rough roles during the 80’s. A lot will say that he also is a great dancer, but singing is something we have discovered as a major talent of the late actor.

In Roy Orbison Tribute Concert for the Homeless in 1990, Patrick Swayze joined Larry Gatlin. As they took their respective stools, the crowd welcomed the unlikely duo with loud cheers. Orbison made the song “Love Hurt” famous way back in ’61 and this iconic ballad was the choice of Swayze and Gatlin to sing for the tribute.

Patrick Swayze's Voice Will Leave You in Awe after Hearing Him Sing 1


Originally recorded by the Everly Brothers in 1960, the song “Love Hurts” was popularized by Orbison. He put the song into the map in 1961 and made it climb as high as No. 5 on the Aussie Country Charts. Although a beloved song, it did not hit the charts here in the US.

This amazing tribute was put together in less than two years after the demise of Orbison that happened in 1988. This event was created for a cause to the people close to Orbison’s heart. Some of the beneficiaries was Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, BB King, and many others.

You can say that the performance of Swayze and Gatlin when they sang “Love Hurts” is very moving. In some parts that they were doing a solo, you will notice their differences in terms of style and range but it was still moving. For the parts where they sang at the same time, the harmony was just perfect. Listening to the way they sang is like listening to a lullaby and it feels like their voices are serenading your ears. Even though Swayze isn’t with us anymore, these kind of performances will never be forgotten.


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