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Shy and Spotlight Stealers: Meet Narvel Blackstock’s Children

Two of Narvel Blackstock’s children are headliners due to the interesting paths they chose to take. With their father’s distinctive decisions as well, it’s no wonder why they make it easy to do so. 

In fact, Narvel Blackstock’s love life has been making headlines since day one. This American television producer and music manager is best known as the ex-husband of the multi-awarded country singer, Reba McEntire

Their divorce in 2015 shocked the whole entertainment industry since the two were an unbeatable power couple. However, his separation from the country superstar wasn’t his first time. 

In 1973, he married his first wife, Gayle Ritter. The reason behind the ending of their 15 years of marriage piqued the fans’ curiosity. That’s because their divorce happened around the time when he played as the guitarist of Reba’s band in 1988. 

Consequently, Narvel took Page 6 by storm in 2016 when his relationship with Reba’s close friend was publicized. Today, all eyes are still waiting on where they would take their romance.

As the curtains closed on two of his relationships, it’s safe to say that Narvel Blackstock‘s kids are his best takeaways. 

Get to know Narvel Blackstock’s 4 children below:

Brandon Blackstock

Brandon is no doubt Reba’s most celebrated step-child. He is the second child of Narvel with his first wife, Gayle Ritter. They welcomed him on December 16, 1976, who would later become a well-respected talent manager. Like his father, he’s also drawn further into the spotlight by marrying an award-winning singer, Kelly Clarkson. 

The two got married in 2013. Their marriage gave him two lovely kids, River Rose and Remington. 

However, Kelly isn’t his first failed marriage. The talent manager was first married to Melissa Ashworth, with whom he shares two children, Seth and Savannah. 

Shawna Rene Blackstock

Shawna is the eldest child of Narvel with his first wife. She came into the world in 1873, the same year her parents exchanged heartwarming vows. Later on, this kid also became a Grammy Award winner’s stepdaughter in 1989. 

Although her dad and her stepmom enjoy their share of glaring success under the public eye, she’s not into the same route. She remained away from fuss most of her life. Even at the height of social media, she remained content behind her private accounts.

Shelby Blackstock

Born as Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock, Shelby is a famous American race car driver. He is the only biological child of Reba with ex-husband Narvel. 

Shelby was born on February 23, 1990. This 41-year old race car driver has always known he’s going to be on the race tracks. He pursued this career even when he went to college in the 2000s. Soon enough, he left school to go full-time for his passion. 

One of his notable endeavors includes racing at the US F2000 National Championship in 2012. It was a year after his first prominent appearance at the Skip Barber competition. He officially debuted as a professional one by driving at the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, revving up a Ford Mustang.

Chassidy Celeste Blackstock

Narvel and Gayle welcomed their third angel in 1978 named Chassidy. Like her biological sister, she’s chosen to shy away from the spotlight. The 43-year-old Chassidy still leads a normal life and hasn’t even welcomed any outsiders even on her social media profiles.

All grown up, it’s interesting how all of Narvel’s children followed their unique paths. Unlike other famous people’s kids, not all of them grew up to mirror their parent’s success in show business. 

Narvel Blackstock’s children prove that you compose the events of the story you choose to write.

As of writing, Narvel Blackstock’s new girlfriend is his ex-wife’s close friend. As juicy as this news sounds, fans shall see whether it’s serious enough to add more to Narvel’s roster of notable children.


Narvel Blackstock, Reba McEntire

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