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10 Craig Campbell Songs That Beg To Differ

Craig Campbell, an American country music and singer, already has two albums, eight singles, and several hit songs under his name as he continues to create a name for himself in the music industry.

If you have been a fan of Craig Campbell songs for a while, check out our list of his hit songs to see if some are already a part of your playlist.

1. See You Try

From his 2018 EP of the same name, Craig Campbell’s “See You Try” talks about a man challenging, almost measuring a woman’s capacity to try and change his ways. 

Whether you’re with your friends, hanging out, or having fun, when someone walks in and instantly catches your attention, you definitely will be swept off your feet.

2. Outskirts of Heaven

“Outskirts of Heaven” is Craig’s seventh overall single. Co-written with Dave Turnbull, the song speaks about wanting to live in heaven’s outskirts when it’s already time. The song peaked at the 32nd spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

While producing the song, Craig asked his producer, Mickey Jack Cones, to soften the intro to make room for the song’s gradual growth. 

3. Outta My Head

Released in September 2012, Craig’s “Outta My Head” landed in the 90th spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 and #25 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

It is hard to forget someone who has been a significant part of you for a long time. You see them everywhere, and you remember everything that is associated with them. In this song, Craig describes how difficult it is to get someone out of the head, and heart, too.

4. When I Get It

In December 2011, Craig released “When I Get It” from his self-titled album. He co-wrote the song along with Jim McCormick and Patrick Jason Matthews.

The song is about a man trying to fight off bill collectors, as the song’s first verse tells a man answering a phone call but pretending that he’s another person to avoid the collector.

5. Family Man

“Powerful and thoughtful.” That is one of the many optimistic takes on Craig’s “Family Man.” The track, released in July 2010, peaked at the 14th seat on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The song has been praised for its songwriting because it tells of a man struggling through times of economic difficulties. It’s rare nowadays for artists to put sensitive topics about society into songwriting, which is why Craig has received praise for his debut song.

6. Upstairs

In his “See You Try” EP, Craig’s “Upstairs” talks about having a good time with a lady.

Of course, we get butterflies during our first dates, but the man in the song is confident that he’ll be able to do things right. Even though he wanted to take the lovely lady out, he’d much rather spend time with her alone.

7. Keep Them Kisses Comin’

Craig Campbell released his album, Never Regret, in 2013, and with it was “Keep Them Kisses Comin’.”

The track expresses the desire to keep the love going on as the couple in the song spends time with each other. Of course, who doesn’t want some kissing and loving when you have been away from your darling for a while?

8. Fish

It turns out that Craig’s “Fish” has a bit of wordplay.

Released in 2011 from his self-titled album, the song revolves around the thought that the couple like to have a different kind of fun. A review of the music said the song has no profound implication, yet it became a success because it is a perfect part of summer playlists.

9. Me Missing You

“Me Missing You” is part of Craig’s 2018 EP album, See You Try.

Regrets are one of the most painful feelings to ever experience in a relationship. Missing someone results in your brain going haywire; you almost can’t think straight because you’re missing a big part of yourself.

10. Tomorrow Tonight

“Tomorrow Tonight” is a 2015 single by Craig. Co-written with Vicky McGehee and Justin Wilson, the track peaked at the 39th spot on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart.

The single mentions about the couple’s plans as they spend the night together. 

And that’s it for our list of the well-known Craig Campbell songs! Stay tuned and follow for more of these in the future.


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