July 11

Listen to Craig Campbell’s Breakup Song “Outta My Head”


craig campbell outta my head

Breaking up with someone is not easy because you just don’t let go of the person but you also have to let go of all the memories. Letting go of the person physically is easy, but the memories are not easy. Wherever you go or whatever you do, you remember them. Every single time reminds you of them. That is the part of a breakup that is most difficult to handle, but it’s fine because everything takes time eventually you will get over that person.

“Outta My Head” and Never Regret

Craig Campbell recorded the song “Outta My Head” in 2012 for his album Never Regret. Michael Carter, Brandon Kinney, and Cole Swindell wrote the song for Campbell. Craig made his song enter the US Billboard Hot Country charts at No. 25. In addition, the song peaked at No. 15 on the US Billboard Country Airplay.

About the Song

“Outta My Head” is a song about a man trying to forget his lover because every time he does something or goes somewhere, he remembers her. He is struggling to forget about her, but in the end, he loses as he always keeps on thinking of her. That’s the thing about breakups you can’t force to forget a person, usually, you have to miss that person until one day you will completely forget about them. That is how it really works, only time can heal everything. The narrator is trying to rush into forgetting his lover, but that did not work. He must learn to feel the pain and remember the memories until everything will be forgotten one day.

A Little Bit About Craig Campbell

Craig began his career in 2002 by writing songs and playing music. He did not immediately sign with any label. In 2010, Craig finally released his first EP, Five Spots. He has released two studio albums and three EPs. His latest single was “See You Try.”

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Craig Campbell, Outta My Head

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