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Reba McEntire

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Reba McEntire + No U In Oklahoma

Reba McEntire’s Single “No U in Oklahoma” Should’ve Been More Popular

Once you turn up the volume on the stereo, you may never stop listening to “No U in Oklahoma” by country icon Reba McEntire.

LeAnn Rimes + Reba McEntire + When You Love Someone Like That

LeAnn Rimes and Reba McEntire Perform a Grand Duet of “When You Love Someone Like That” 

Nothing’s more exciting than two iconic singers, such as LeAnn Rimes and Reba McEntire, belting out high notes singing “When You Love Someone Like That.”

Reba McEntire Reveals She'll 'Definitely' Sing the Theme Song for New Sitcom Happy's Place

Reba McEntire Confirms She’ll Be Singing The Theme Song For New Sitcom Happy’s Place

Reba McEntire will sing another classic TV theme song, this time for her new sitcom Happy’s Place on NBC. Her fans are excited!   

Carrie Underwood & Reba McEntire - Does He Love You

Reba McEntire features Carrie Underwood with Their Powerful Rendition of “Does He Love You”

What happens if two country icons join forces to perform at the Grand Ole Opry? Read here about Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood’s dynamic duet of “Does He Love You.”

Reba McEntire + Brooks & Dunn + If You See Him If You See Her

Reba McEntire And Brooks & Dunn’s 1998 Duet Single “If You See Him/If You See Her” Is A Ballad Of Heartbreak

Back in 1998, Reba McEntire and Brooks & Dunn sang a duet ballad titled “If You See Him/If You See Her.” It was a collaboration for the books.

Reba Mcentire KFC Commercial

“It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good!” – Reba McEntire Stars As Colonel Sanders In KFC Commercial

Country singer Reba McEntire steps into the iconic white suit as she chicken tycoon Colonel Sanders in the 2018 series of KFC ads. Check it out.

Reba McEntire + Back to God

Reba McEntire shares Hope and Faith in the Christian Country Song “Back to God”

Reba McEntire’s powerful single, “Back to God,” inspires hope in dark times. 

Reba McEntire Shuts Down False Reports Claiming She Is Leaving 'The Voice'

Reba McEntire Dismissed Fake News About Her Departure From The Voice

Reba McEntire addressed false information circulated by certain websites,  claiming she is leaving her coaching role on NBC's The Voice.

Best Country Artists Of All Time

30 Best Country Artists of All Time

Reba McEntire + Rumor Has It Album

An Album of Classic Hits: “Rumor Has It” By Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire has continually captured listeners’ hearts through her music for years. So, to give back, she released the 30th Anniversary Edition of her best-selling album “Rumor Has It.”

LeAnn Rimes + The Greatest Man I Never Knew

LeAnn Rimes’ Rendition Of  “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” Moves Reba McEntire To Tears

Despite being only 24 then, LeAnn Rimes impressed everyone with her live performance of Reba McEntire’s “The Greatest Man I Never Knew.”

Reba McEntire + The Greatest Man I Never Knew

Reba McEntire Sings “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” For Her Broken Heart

In 1992, Reba McEntire released her fourth and final single for her album ‘For My Broken Heart’ titled “The Greatest Man I Never Knew.”

Reba McEntire - Why Haven't I Heard From You

Reba McEntire Takes No Excuse in “Why Haven’t I Heard From You” 

"Why Haven't I Heard From You" is a popular country song by Reba McEntire. Discover the reasons behind this song's popularity among fans and its rise to the top of the charts.

Reba McEntire + Oh Happy Day

Reba McEntire’s Upbeat Version of the Hit Gospel Song “Oh Happy Day”

Listen to Reba McEntire’s version of “Oh Happy Day” to thank Jesus for his undying love and sacrifice. 

10 Country Songs About Being Single

10 Country Songs About Being Single Many Would Surely Resonate To 

Throughout the years, we have seen an abundance of country songs about being single that perfectly capture the ups and downs of singlehood. Here are some of them.

The Top Unforgettable Moments in CMA Fest History

The Most Unforgettable Moments in CMA Fest Throughout The Years

The legendary CMA Fest has endured five decades of bringing together country music fans with their most adored artists. Here are some moments we will never forget.

10 Country songs about struggles in life

10 Country Songs About The Struggles Of Life To Lift Your Spirit Along The Way

Along with life’s beauty and bliss, there come struggles, setbacks, and challenges. So, here are country songs about the struggles of life to remind you that you are never alone.

15 Country songs about overcoming obstacles

15 Country Songs About Overcoming Obstacles To Help You Move Past Challenges

We’ve tracked down some of the best country songs about overcoming obstacles to help you find trust and confidence in overcoming life’s struggles. Check them out.

15 Country songs about cheating

15 Country Songs About Cheating If You Need a Good Cry

On the brighter side of your lover being unfaithful, your favorite music artists have written country songs about cheating to help you get through.

10 Popular Country Songs That Were Originally Cover Hits

10 Popular Country Songs That Were Originally Cover Hits

For our list of cover country songs, we've gathered tunes that already happened to be a hit or a popular recorded version for someone else. Check them out!

Unanticipated Performance of Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire

Unanticipated Performance of Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire

In 2019, Kelly Clarkson invited one of the most legendary country artists of all time, Reba McEntire, on her nightly segment called "A Minute and a Glass of Wine."

Reba McEntire and Rex Linn

A Decade in the Making – A Timeline of the Reba McEntire & Rex Linn Romance

While she only recently announced it, the Reba McEntire & Rex Linn romantic relationship was decades in the making, and here's a timeline of their story.

Who is Rex Linn 10 Things To Know About Reba McEntire's New Boyfriend

Who is Rex Linn? 10 Things To Know About Reba McEntire’s New Boyfriend

Rebe McEntire recently dropped a bomb when she revealed her romantic relationship with actor Rex Linn during one of her podcasts.

Reba McEntire and Charlie Battles

A Look At Reba McEntire’s First Marriage With Charlie Battles

Reba McEntire tied the knot with her first husband, Charlie Battles, on June 21, 1976. Battles was a steer wrestler and rancher she met through rodeoing.

30 Best country karaoke

30 Country Karaoke Duets Of All Time That You Can Sing With Anyone

Grab the microphone right now, pull a friend or your partner, or even a stranger, and sing your hearts out with these 30 country karaoke duets.

Back to Classics: Listen to “Mind Your Own Business” by Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr. enlists the help of Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, and Reba McEntire to sing this amazing classic "Mind Your Own Business."

Reba McEntire’s Boyfriend, Rex Linn, Will Be Joining Her In ABC’s Series “Big Sky” As Her Husband

The real-life couple, Reba McEntire and Rex Linn, will be playing husband and wife, Buck and Sunny Barnes – who owns the popular but mysterious glamping company, Sunny Day Excursions

Reba McEntire’s Movie With Boyfriend Rex Linn Drops Trailer

Watch The Latest Trailer For Reba McEntire’s Movie With Real-Life Boyfriend Rex Linn 

Country music legend and actress Reba McEntire recently shared with fans a sneak peek of her much-anticipated new Lifetime project, The Hammer.

Watch Reba McEntire and Vince Gill As They Prove That “The Heart Won’t Lie”

From Reba's 1993 album "It's Your Call", "The Heart Won't Lie" was released in February of that year. It is a song written by Kim Carnes and Donna Terry Weiss.

Brooks & Dunn Delivered a Tear-Jerking Performance of “Why Haven’t I Heard from You” For Reba McEntire

At the 2018 Kenny Center Honors event, country music duo Brooks & Dunn displayed their musical creativity to pay respect to Reba McEntire.

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