April 8

“I Got the Lord on My Side:” A Song Written by Reba McEntire and Her Mother

How will you feel if you got the Lord on your side? Will you rejoice because of it? Will you shout out loud and praise Him? There is nothing better than knowing God is with you. It’s the best feeling in the world, right? Therefore, come rejoice knowing that we have God.

One great contemporary gospel song that praises having God is by Reba McEntire. She is known for her faith and wonderful recordings of gospel hymns. Both of it makes all of her songs worth the listen.

“I Got the Lord on My Side” Making

“I Got the Lord on My Side” was penned by McEntire for her album Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope. She said that the words to the song came to her while she was strolling around. Isn’t it amazing that God’s creation can really inspire us anytime?

Reba McEntire Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope I Got the Lord on my Side
Photo Credit: Reba McEntire/ Official Facebook Page

Reba McEntire’s Mom

After McEntire wrote the song, she showed it to her mother. Surprisingly, her mom added some words to the song. That’s why she credited her mom as one of the songwriters. Now, you can enjoy a wonderful hymn by the McEntire’s.

It’s All About the Song

“I Got the Lord on My Side” expresses the joy of the narrator knowing and having God. Since she feels extremely happy, she couldn’t contain it. She wants to shout it out loud, clap her hands and even sing.

Stomp if you’re happy
Clap if you’re happy
Sing if you’re happy
I got the Lord on my side

That’s how happy she felt when God is with her. What about you, what will you do when you know you have God with you?

Album Chart Performance

McEntire’s song was never released as a single. Therefore, it wasn’t able to secure a spot on the Billboard chart. However, her album was surely welcomed on the chart. It reached number one on the Christian and Country Albums chart. In addition, it also placed at number four on the Billboard 200.

Check out the amazing collaboration of Reba and her mother.


Reba McEntire

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