July 31

Keyla Salazar, “Go Rest High on That Mountain”

Keyla Salazar was one of the three victims killed during the tragic Gilroy Garlic Festival shoot out yesterday. She was only 13 years old. Other two victims were Stephen Romero, 6 years old and Trevor Irby, 25 years old.

Keyla’s Bravery

keyla salazar, garlic festival victim, go rest high on that mountain
Photo Credit: 360NG.com

According to CEO Magazine, the Salazar family was having a great time eating ice cream when the shoot out started. During the shooting incident, Keyla walked a relative to escape the scene. The said relative uses a cane to walk. Late Monday, she was identified by Santa Clara Country Coroner’s Office as the third victim of Santino William,19 years old, shooter. Keyla would have turned 14 on August 4 and was about to start ninth grade according to his uncle, Pimentel Vargas.

The Act of Kindness for the Bereaved Family

keyla salazar
Photo Credit: Pixabay

This brave girl’s story won the hearts of the people. People in social media platforms expressed their sympathy to the family and other victims of the incident.  Fortunately, to financially help Keyla’s family, a car dealership in Gilroy launched a GoFundMe page organized by Bob Mann. He wrote

“Together we can help with this heartbreaking loss”

The page has $55,971 pledges, exceeding the targeted amount of $50,000. The pledges will be directly deposited to Keyla’s parents’ account.

Go Rest High on That Mountain, a Tribute to Keyla Salazar

Bravery is a quality that conquers frightening things.  Keyla Salazar, among the other brave children, have manifested such bravery when she stayed behind to help a sick relative to escape a shoot out. Keyla, we admire you.

Thank you for being a courageous child that sets an example to other children. You will be remembered for your act of kindness and love for your family. Vince Gill‘s “Go Rest High On That Mountain” is dedicated to you, angel.

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Go Rest High On That Mountain, keyla salazar

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