October 30

Patsy Cline’s Gospel Hit “He Will Do For You”

Patsy Cline had a short-lived career but her contribution to country music is irreplaceable. She has made some of country music’s most heartbreaking hits but we will never forget her gospel songs that praised the Lord. In her song “He Will Do For You,” Patsy Cline reminds us of the wonderful things that the Lord will do for us if we give Him the chance.

What “He Will Do For You” Reminds Us

This Patsy Cline track reminds us of the sacrifices that the Lord did for us. Back then, our Lord was willing to die for our sins and He will do it again for us because that is how much He cares for our well-being. Even if we forget about Him sometimes, He is always there to heed our call. The song is a great reminder that the love of the Lord is unconditional and powerful.

The song remains to be one of Patsy Cline’s best gospel hymns because of the way she performed it and the powerful message behind the track.

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Lyrics Breakdown

Give Him a chance
And let Him show you

The line above says that we should believe in Him. There is a power that surges into our body and soul when we believe something. Some might say that when we believe something, the universe will conspire to make it happen for us. Just like with the Lord, when we give Him a place in our heart, we will be enlightened and there is some sense of calmness that comes with it.

When it finally happens and we put our faith to the Lord, good and positive things will happen. Our doors will burst with opportunities that we never see coming if we stayed close-minded. We have seen countless miracles happen in this world, something that even science can’t explain. Thus, is it really hard if we give him a chance?

Listen to Patsy Cline’s song here:


Patsy Cline, what he will do for you

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