Despite Rivalry, Army & Navy Unite for Glorious “God Bless the USA”


Arden Lambert


November 6, 2022


November 6, 2022


November 6, 2022

It is undeniable that every college football game is very exciting, but nothing can compare to the most highly anticipated game of the great rivals – Army and Navy – playing against each other. There were some performances prior to the game. The National Anthem was delivered perfectly by the Naval Academy and West Point glee clubs. While one of the highlights of the game is when country music artist Lee Greenwood made an incredible performance of his iconic song “God Bless The USA.”

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Prior to the event, Lee Greenwood expressed his support and appreciation for the two rivals through Facebook. But ultimately, he favored the “Navy” since his father has served in the US Navy.

Watching the Army-Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field was something extraordinary and, most probably, is something that is hard to forget. Perhaps you have watched several sporting events in your life, but the Army-Navy game is incomparable. However, aside from the game, there is something which is more meaningful.

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Although Greenwood has delivered “God Bless The USA” on various occasions, his performance in this event is so emotional and can hit you harder than the game itself. Hearing Lee Greenwood performing the song live can make you feel good, at the same time, it can also give you goosebumps.

As you can see in the video below, you can hear almost everybody singing along to Greenwood’s patriotic song. It is amazingly inspiring to hear these people who vowed to protect our country singing to the lyrics of Greenwood’s 1984 hit song.

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While singing, these servicemen and women held the American flag and swayed their bodies back and forth. Ultimately, after Greenwood’s performance of “God Bless The USA,” you can hear them chanting, “USA! USA! USA!” which can give you chills.

Are you already excited to see the video of Greenwood’s performance of his iconic song at Lincoln Financial Stadium? Then, watch it below:




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