February 11

Meet Jordan Davis, His Wife, and their 2 Lovely Children

As Jordan Davis noted in one of his Instagram captions, he was adding a few limbs to the family tree and at the same time adding himself to the list of artists who have been putting out new music AND having kids during quarantine. 

Jordan Davis and wife Kristen O’Connor first announced baby number two in May 2021 with a touching gender reveal featuring their then 18-month-old daughter Eloise Larkin. And at the same time, he also released his title track “Buy Dirt,” featuring Luke Bryan and his eight-song EP of the same name. The song quickly went viral on TikTok, and fans (non-fans alike who might as well have turned into one) shared their own “Buy Dirt” experiences. 

Then last September, the couple finally welcomed their son, Locklan Joseph. And his 2022 open jampacked – he released a laidback collaboration song, “Good Beer” with Australian duo Seaforth and “Buy Dirt” was officially certified Platinum by the RIAA. And not only that, but it also just recently notched its first multi-week number 1 at country radio. 

Davis is definitely hitting milestone after milestone, and it’s just February. But in this article, let’s get to know more about him as a proud dad of two and the rest of his family.

Who is Jordan Davis?

To those who only know Jordan Davis as the singer of “Buy Dirt,” here are some basic things you should know about him. 

Jordan Davis or known by his real and full name Jordan Carl Wheeler Davis, was born on March 30, 1988, to parents Luwanna and Ricky in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has two siblings, a brother named Jacob who is also a country singer, and a sister named Jentry. He attended C.E. Byrd High School and then enrolled in Louisiana State University, where he earned a degree in Environmental Science, specifically resource conservation. 

Shortly after his graduation, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Then in 2016, he finally secured a recording contract with Universal Music Group Nashville. Two years later, he made his own wave – transforming himself from a newcomer into a countrywide chart-topper with his once-in-a-decade debut Home State

But before he even became one of country music’s most popular artists, he was first a husband to wife Kristen O’Connor, whom he married on March 25, 2017. 

Who is Jordan Davis’s wife, Kristen O’ Connor, and how did they meet?

Kristen O’Connor first met her husband Jordan Davis in Houma, Louisiana in a rather unexpected turn of events. In an interview with CMT, Davis shared that he was in town for his college roommate’s wedding at the time while O’Connor was in for her sorority sister’s wedding. Interestingly, both wedding parties stayed at the same hotel – Holiday Inn Express – and they met in the lobby. 

They also went on to take shots at the elevator for around 5 to 10 minutes. As O’Connor recounted, she and her girlfriends were going to their hotel room to get some things when they chanced upon Davis and his buddies in the elevator with a Jose Cuervo. They then took their shots alternately while the elevator was going up and down.  

Now, O’Connor is working as an attorney while Davis is busy producing more songs. The couple now has two kids. 

Meet the kids

When the couple first got married, O’Connor planned a surprise announcement to her husband of their first pregnancy. Davis was in New York at the time, and O’Connor flew all the way to meet with him. And then, when he walked into the hotel room where she was staying, the pregnancy test was on the desk. He was definitely surprised and called it a cool moment. They did a public announcement on July 15, and then O’Connor gave birth to their daughter Eloise Larkin on November 17, 2019. 

As for their second child, the announcement was so casual. According to Davis, he was going for a songwriting thing, and before he left the house, O’Connor approached him and asked if it was a good time to tell him that they were going to have another kid. Nevertheless, the couple was very excited about baby number two as they really wanted a lot of kids. They welcomed their second child, Locklan Joseph, on September 5. 


Jordan Davis, Kristen O'Connor

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