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Morgan Wallen Bound to Release a Double Album


To double the experience means to double the fun and yes, it applies to country music too. Morgan Wallen, one of the now fast-rising country music artists indeed aims for the stars. Unlike most singers, he does not thrive on the grounds of being content on releasing a single album per year but would want to release two and both at the same time.

Morgan Wallen maybe might be up for a selfie, if only we don’t have health protocols now, for he is on high grounds when his label approved his double album.

A Fan Driven Artist

Morgan Wallen is known for his close affinity with fans, and his chart topping ‘7 Summers’ songs came from his fan fueled adrenaline. Believe it or not, there are only a few songs that can land into the summit of the Billboard’s Hot Country Song Charts. From 1958 down to 2017, this one is indeed the charm as the third.

As he announces his decision to make a double album, he humbly asked his team to exert extra effort to make it into a reality. He even surprised his label holder Big Loud Records from which he was signed on way back 2016.

As a fanatic-fond artist, he knows the answer is already a given yet he still asked his fans over Twitter if they’re up and ready for his surprising reveal. Fans are enthusiastic about the idea. One even proclaimed that it was a beam of hope for 2020 as the world undergoes a health crisis.

Setbacks and Triple Blessings

Actually, Morgan Wallen is blaming the pandemic too. Had it not happen, he would have already released his new songs for everyone to enjoy. His project includes the follow-up singles for his 2018’s ‘If I Know Me’ album. He said that he made some workarounds to his hitmaker single ‘Chasin’ You’ for his second album.

For the fans, it may be double the fun, but for him, it was made triple as he also welcomed his first child, Indigo Wilder. During that time, he was able to produce ‘More Than My Hometown,’ an action-packed song, and two more singles for his album ‘If I Know Me’, ‘Whiskey Glasses’, and ‘Up-Down’.

He sadly admitted though that his recent projects were delayed and he didn’t have a clue when his album or supposedly double album is bound to be released due. But what he did promise is that the waiting period is just until six months.