July 24

AGT Golden Buzzer Recipients, Chapel Hart, Will Be Making Their Grand Ole Opry Debut

Country vocal group Chapel Hart blew away America’s Got Talent judges this week, so much that they earned the sought-after Golden Buzzer from the four judges and host Terry Crews – immediately sending them into the advanced stage of the competition.

The trio, made up of sisters Danica Hart and Devynn Hart and their cousin Trea Swindle, auditioned with their original song, “You Can Have Him, Jolene,” which they said was a comeback to Dolly Parton’s iconic hit, “Jolene.”

Now, Things Got Even More Exciting for Chapel Hart

Since their impressive performance, so many wonderful things are happening that they start to wonder if “this is real life.” Firstly, Dolly Parton tweeted about their performance, calling it a “fun new take” on her song – to which the group responded by asking for a mortician as they “just died a little bit.”

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Chapel Hart also received recognition from another country legend, Loretta Lynn, who said she’s wondering what the group might be able to do with one of her tunes.

Then the members put in two cents that the only thing that would make things even better was an invitation to perform at country music’s most prestigious stage, Grand Ole Opry. Well, it didn’t take quite some time to make that dream come true as the Opry asked the group to perform on its famous circle.

Of course, they graciously accepted – “as soon as we pick our jaws up off of the floor,” they said. The group is slated to perform at the Opry on September 17.

Indeed, the rising country act is indeed making a lot of buzz. Their album The Girls Are Back in Town is also currently sitting at the top of iTunes. We’re excited to see more of the trio.


Chapel Hart

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