November 7

Next Country Music Pride: Emily Rose

Taking pride in what country music’s next generation of artists will be bringing to the table in the next couple of years, let us meet one of the rising stars, Emily Rose.

Without looking at the song’s title and the name of the artist, you probably would think of Emily Rose’s singing voice as a rebirth from Emmylou Harris and The Chicks’ Nathalie Maines. Despite growing in New Jersey, Rose has a deep connection with country music since she was still a little girl. Her dad often listened to the likes of Shania Twain back in the day. This makes Emily Rose remember her rural childhood neighborhood, surrounded by farms and all the people she knew who love listening to country music.

Building Momentum

Soon after entering a kindergarten talent show, Emily Rose fell in love with the art of performing and she brought along her love for country music with her. From her first Shania Twain cover of the 1995 hit “Any Man of Mine” to playing in one of Conway Twitty tribute bands, everything led Rose to finally moved to Nashville when she turned 18.

The Music City was a great opportunity for Rose as she began recording her own music, getting to know fellow songwriters, and signing a contract with SEAC. In 2019, Rose introduced herself to the public with her debut single, “My Way Home.”

Several other singles followed. Now, as Emily Rose increased her presence, fans are starting to notice her and are slowly falling in love with Rose’s music. On October 23, she released her debut EP “The Heart “which features six tracks that were all co-written and co-produced by Rose herself.

“The Heart” Track List

  1. Hey Child

    Rose has pre-released this single before her debut EP. A song that focused on growing up and the experiences of a child starts this EP wonderfully.
  2. Windshield

    The traditional tone register and the modern musical environment makes this single perfect. This will be a perfect song to find inspiration for one to pursue his or her dreams.
  3. The Heart

    A slow ballad which completely displays the wonderful voice of Rose.
  4. Foot on the Pedal

    Rose would definitely want you to go on with your life and not minding the breaks with this song. Focused on changing things in your life, taking a stand, and doing what you want to achieve.
  5. Always Something

    A melodic tune that you would just want you to listen to on repeat.
  6. Go To The Moon

    With a touch of power, Emily Rose ends her EP with “Go To The Moon” which leaves you wanting to have more of her music.


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