Sometimes, ladies imagine of having the man of their dreams or their knight in shining armor. In addition, it is every woman’s dream to find a perfect husband whom they will spend the rest of their life with. A man who will understand every woman’s wants and needs.

Well, I thought of my daddy in this regard he always shuts up when my mom is angry. Further, he always admits that he is the one at fault even if my mom is wrong. I can say that my dad really loves my mom.

“The Hit Maker”

Robert John “Mutt” Lange is a producer, songwriter from South Africa, and he is known for working with other famous artists. Further, he is the man behind Shania Twain’s hit single “Any Man of Mine”. Anyway, he then became the husband of Twain and they got married on December 28, 1993. At first, they were head over heels with each other but eventually, they separated on June 2010.

It’s just so ironic that he made the song describing a man of every woman’s dream and he was not able to live the expectation. Regardless, of what happened the former couple is still successful in their own careers.

“The Song that Speaks to Every Woman’s Heart”

“Any Man of Mine” was recorded and co-written by Shania Twain. The song was released in April 1995. Eventually, the song slammed no. 1 in country radio and rolled up to no. 40 on the pop charts. In addition, it was released in the European market but it did not have much impact. Regardless of its failed attempt to go worldwide, the song scooped some recognition. Thus, being nominated for Best Country and Best Female Country Vocal Performance in 1996 Grammy Awards.


Regardless of its success, the song did not pass from criticism. Saying that the song and the beat were good for the dance floor. Others gave positive comment saying that the song is catchy and young girls can easily relate to it. In my opinion, the song is good and catchy because it centered on every woman’s dream of having the perfect man.

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