August 10

Join Shania Twain in Her 1995 Nostalgia

Who wouldn’t be a fan of Shania Twain? She’s one of our shining stars of the 1990s who sang that hit single ‘You’re Still the One’ and many more. Without further ado, let’s join her on her journey back to her prime as she takes a break from the pressures of the pandemic.

Recently, Shania Twain expressed on social media her grief in this quarantine season as she reminisces her 1995 year. Her piece comes with a still shot for her ‘Any Man of Mine’ single. Even though her statement spells a longing for her prime, the truth is, her looks 25 years ago compared today hardly ever changed. Twain looks stunning as ever.

As she referenced ‘Any Man of Mine’ in her recent post, she also celebrates the achievement made by the single’s album ‘The Woman in Me’ for selling out 20 million copies around the world and was recognized by the RIAA for a Diamond certification which also sold 10 million copies.

New Generation Fans Thrilled for a Classic Comeback

The sudden post by Twain gathered a lot of excitement and feedback from her fans regarding her 1995 flashback. Some are even enthusiastic claiming they were not even born during the given period. Expecting to personally relive Shaina’s classic catalog, many wanted to witness her once again in her midriff cowgirl wardrobe.

While the release of the aforementioned album really isn’t the peak of her popularity, people are eager to see her again in her ’90s vibe. Hence, she released ‘Come on Over’ making it her all-time bestselling hit that conquered the charts at all genres.

Shania Twain’s Quiet Reality

Going back to the present, her music career has been wild as ever just until the Coronavirus outbreak. The cancellation of her road tours forced her to take a break from her career and she’s been quiet ever since. Her recent post posed great relief to her fans as it gave them new updates about their idol.

Unfortunately, her Vegas residency was nullified and it added insult to injury to the halt of her career. No new albums or singles are announced to be released during this time period, making Shania Twain‘s ‘Now’ album from 2017 her latest work from three years ago.


Shania Twain

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