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September 26, 2019


September 26, 2019


September 26, 2019

Actor turned country singer Rob Mayes is now releasing his debut EP called Closer. The singer has a successful career as an actor, appearing in some TV shows like Jane by Design, Frequency, Mistresses, and others. He has also appeared in some movies like Thor: Ragnarok and Deep Blue Sea. His transition to country music may have been a shock to his fans but this was a dream come true for the singer.

rob mayes
via IMDb

The Music of Rob Mayes

Rob was classically trained in playing the piano and has listened to country music while he was growing up. This influenced him to enter the show business and make a name for himself. Having written some pop and jazz music, he decided to make one that is close to his heart. In his EP, it contains 7 tracks that he co-wrote with other songwriters.

Rob Mayes explains why he chose to pursue his career in music:

“I wanted to share another one of my arts with the world. A friend. Another craft. A craft and art that to me, is the most important; one that’s kept me sane and offered solitude. That has provided me with strength in lonesome, sad, and doubting times. It’s a universal language. And I hope people understand it and I hope that it might inspire. This is just the beginning.”

rob mayes
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This year, the singer released a couple of singles that were streamed through Spotify. With the help of the social streaming platform, artists like Rob Mayes can be able to share their music with anyone from all around the world.

Here is the list of songs found in his new EP:

“Kiss The Night”


“All It Takes”

“Road With No Lines”


“Close My Eyes”

“We’ll See”

Listen to one of Rob Mayes’ songs:



rob mayes



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