Luke Combs is now officially part of one of the most prestigious families in country music: The Grand Ole Opry.

Luke Combs, Luke, Combs, Grand Ole Opry, Grand, Ole, Opry


Luke Combs’ Warm Welcome

Before the ceremonies began, Combs recounted that he had absolutely no idea that he would formally be part of the Opry.

“I have literally zero idea […]If it was any of you, I’d be just as excited. It’s just being asked, and being here tonight with my family and the people I love is enough for me. But I’m excited to see who it is. For sure.”

The night was filled with fun and festivities, and a lineup of Opry members who consider Combs as a close friend joined him on stage.

The Gatlin Brothers, Dustin Lynch, Chris Janson, Mark Wills, and Craig Morgan all stood by as Combs prepared to be inducted.

Luke Combs, Luke, Combs, Grand Ole Opry, Grand, Ole, Opry

via Al Wagner/Invision/AP

Vince Gill and Joe Diffie were the ones who bestowed Combs of the honors, surprising him onstage. Both Gill and Diffie are two of Combs’ longtime musical idols. In fact, Gill was the very first artist that Combs ever saw in concert.

“I was six years old, and my mom and grandmother — both of whom are in attendance tonight — took me for my birthday that year. They took me to the Charlotte Knights Minor League Baseball stadium, but they made me lay down in the backseat of the car — which, nowadays, I feel like would be very frowned upon, if you were to be pulled over with a 6-year-old child in the backseat, but back then it was cool.”

“So we showed up and they surprised me: We weren’t going to a baseball game, we were actually going to a Vince Gill concert.”

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