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Be Free and Start “Runnin’ Wild” with Andrea Vasquez

Andrea Vasquez + Runnin' Wild

In 2020, the rising country pop star Andrea Vasquez released a relatable song titled “Runnin’ Wild” that everyone could jam to!

As part of her Love Don’t Live Here – EP, “Runnin’ Wild” captured listeners’ attention, causing Vasquez to receive the fame she deserves.

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Aside from Vasquez’s raspy and powerful vocals, the song’s party vibe tune significantly contributed to its success. Although the song has a more contemporary vibe and tone, the country music elements are still apparent, making it quite a unique song.

But, aside from its catchy beat, what makes this song such a hit to many? Well, let’s now dive into the encouraging lyrics and profound message of Andrea Vasquez in her 2020 single, “Runnin’ Wild.”

Meaning Behind the Song

According to Andrea, New Music Weekly states, “Runnin’ Wild is all about getting with the people you love and feeling alright.

The song mainly talks about a broken-hearted girl. In the music video, the main character lets off some steam on a girl’s night, drinking beer and having fun.

Runnin’ Wild doesn’t always necessarily mean being reckless and irresponsible. Sometimes, it’s a celebration of freedom and a new beginning. That’s maybe why listeners can resonate with the song’s message.

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The song reminds everyone to make the most of their lives, as our journey is relatively short and unpredictable. Despite the hardship, challenges, and pain, we must keep moving forward – even in hopeless times.

So, if you find yourself knocked down, watch Andrea Vasquez’s performance of the song “Runnin’ Wild” below. It may be just what you need to break free!

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