October 7

WATCH: Andrea Vasquez Releases New Single and Music Video for “Runnin’ Wild”

Andrea Vasquez (pronounced as On-dre-a) is an upcoming country-pop star that must be on your list of breakthrough artists. Don’t fret if you are falling behind updates about her because she just recently released her single “Runnin’ Wild” with a brand new music video you can jam with.

Andrea Vasquez Wants You to Go “Runnin’ Wild”

“Runnin’ Wild” is the latest single where Vasquez combined a party vibe tune with some touch of country elements. Vasquez wanted people to make the most out of their life even though it is full of challenges, hardships, and pain. She wanted them to enjoy life while they can, and “Runnin’ Wild” says it all.

“Life has a way of knocking you down, so you need those times to blow off some steam and have a few drinks.  I hope listeners can find their own way of relating to this song.”

Grab a cold beer, hang out with your friends or the people you love, and listen to Vasquez’s latest song.

Her Roots

This Virginia native knows how to make the best out of what she knows and has. She combined her love of country music and Latin American songs, giving us a fresh and bold new sound we haven’t heard of before. There is no doubt why this young singer is extremely talented and has the potential to shine. At a very young age, she already learned how to play the piano, guitar, and violin because of her musically inclined family. Having her exposed to music had inspired Vasquez to learn and also write her own songs.

It is hard to not notice her talent when she released her first single “Sugar Coat It,” Vasquez was able to have 100K streams on her song. Hence, her talent was seen by the public eye and some talent agency. She is currently signed under Arrow Music Agency, and she is busy touring and making music.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on this fresh new talent.!Vasquez will soon make a statement in the world of country music.

Image result for andrea vasquez runnin' wild
Andrea Vasquez releases a brand new single “Runnin’ Wild.” Photo via Andera Vazquez’s official website.

“Runnin’ Wild” is now available on Spotify and Apple Music. Check it out now.


Andrea Vasquez

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