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25 Country Songs for a New Relationship To Celebrate The Love

Country Songs for a New Relationship

Here are 25 country songs for a new relationship to spice up and celebrate budding romances and of course, make us all feel so drunk in and with love. After all, love has always been something country music is all too familiar with, and the genre never really runs out of good songs to celebrate it. From admiring someone from afar to making the first move to new relationships to heartbreaks and getting up to find new love that will last forever, country music has it all.

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1. Forever’s Gotta Start Somewhere by Chad Brownlee

More often than not, we find ourselves scared of venturing into something new, especially if we’ve had our hearts stomped so many times and said goodbyes more than I love you’s. And Chad Brownlee knew that very struggle, but at the same time, he knew that forever has to start somewhere. With this song, you can chase those fears away because these goodbyes are only meant to usher in new beginnings. 

2. Somebody’s Got Me by Mitchell Tenpenny 

Sometimes the best thing about love is finding it unexpectedly. It’s undeniably one of the most magical feelings in the world because it shows up and finds you like a story written by God’s divine hands. And Mitchell Tenpenny sings exactly about that and how it feels to have somebody who got your back, your soul, and your heart. 

3. Catch by Brett Young

Another song about finding love unexpectedly is “Catch” by Brett Young. But unlike the usual country trope of a girl finding a man in a bar who catches her attention, Young brings in a twist and takes on the male perspective. It’s definitely a refreshing tune that you could play if you happen to be in that exact, same situation. 

4. Butterflies by Kacey Musgraves 

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People say that when we meet ‘the one,’ there would always be those butterflies swirling inside our stomachs but not the crazy ones. As Kacey Musgraves sings, it’s more of like a floaty, dreamy feeling, even almost magical. And along with that feeling is a hope that this new relationship will be forever. 

5. I Knew It Was You by Nick Wayne

There’s nothing braver than being vulnerable and falling in love without any hesitation. And that’s exactly what Nick Wayne wants to say, but instead of doing it in a sentimental tune like we would all expect, he goes upbeat. It’s a song that will definitely make your partner feel that you are 100% sure that he/she is your forever person. 

6. Whole Lot In Love by Austin Burke

If you know that you’re sure you’re head over heels in love, but you don’t know how to say it – because your mind is a mess and your heart is racing – then this song perfectly fits the bill. It’s a sweet way to confess without all the jumbled, overwhelming emotions and words. 

7. Drunk On Your Love by Brett Eldredge

Entering a new relationship can both be so awkward yet so intoxicating. You’re wrapped up with all the different feelings, but the one thing you know is that you’re so drunk with all the love. While this song is not an unfamiliar sound, it is no less sincere. And it’s the kind of love song you’d wanna vibe with and just keep on repeat. 

8. The Feels by Maren Morris

This upbeat, gushy summer tune is all you need to show that you’re so into your lover. This song is all about saying that he/she does not need to do anything – no need to light a candle to set the mood – because they already got you all wrapped away in their heart.

9. Nothin’ Like You by Dan + Shay

The duo’s first-ever country hit, this cotton candy love song is definitely a treat to the ears. Aside from its sweet tune, it’s also a perfectly-written story of a man falling head over heels in love with a woman who looked straight out from a book – sipping her coffee, twirling her hair, and laughing while reading.

10. Redneck Love Song by Morgan Wallen

If you’re a man of few words, play this song. This may not be Shakespearean or even poetic at any point, but it’s an outpour of emotions that will definitely make anyone who hears it feel loved. 

11. Forever Girl by Jon Langston

This song delivers a very honest intent to your lover of how serious you are in this new relationship. It speaks the volumes of sincerity that no spoken words can probably express. 

12. Your Woman by Hannah Ellis

Celebrate the woman in your life with this clever and sassy anthem by Hannah Ellis. It’s definitely everything that your woman would want or needs to hear from you. And you can bet that this will be played more than just a few times. You can thank us later. 

13. Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs

Of course, every love song list needs at least one or two Luke Combs songs. And if you’re looking for the perfect song for a new relationship, then it’s definitely this one. “Beautiful Crazy” sings of how smitten you are to your lover and how much you appreciate every little thing about them. If there’s anything else that can make them fall in love with you more, it’s this. 

14. This Kiss by Faith Hill

Remember when Princess Mia of Thermopolis finally kissed her one true love? It’s basically the same feeling you get when you listen to this song. It sounds heady, like you’re spinning in one of the most beautiful moments of your early relationship. We definitely recommend “This Kiss” if you’re going in for that first kiss and you need the perfect background song.  

15. This Everyday Love by Rascal Flatts

Love can send butterflies to your stomach or make you feel intoxicated but sometimes, the best thing about love is appreciated through the mundane moments. Rascal Flatts knew exactly that. This song celebrates those moments that, despite being familiar, are times that we can never get enough of. 

More Country Songs About New Relationship To Add To Your Playlist

Here are more country songs for a new relationship that you can add to your playlist and listen to together with your partner. Celebrate love!

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  • Unapologize by Carrie Underwood
  • Yours by Russell Dickerson
  • Good, Bad & Ugly by Runaway June
  • Honey Bee by Blake Shelton
  • Love Me Like You Mean It by Kelsea Ballerini
  • Dibs by Kelsea Ballerini
  • I Met A Girl by William Michael Morgan
  • Why Don’t We Just Dance by Josh Turner
  • I Love You by Martina McBride
  • She’s In Love With The Boy by Trisha Yearwood