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Luke Combs’ Number One Songs: The Chart-Topping Hit Catalog

Luke Combs proves to be an undeniably unstoppable force after he recently scored his 12th career number-one single with “Cold As You.” Here’s what’s even more impressive: it’s his twelfth in a row and twelve for twelve all-time. And as if that feat wasn’t enough, he also achieved 7 chart-toppers from the same album titled What You See Ain’t Always What You Get making him the only artist to do so. On top of all these monstrous chart achievements this year, he also went home holding the coveted trophy for the CMA Entertainer of the Year award

As he cements his place as one of country music’s best, let’s take a look back at all his chart-topping hits and the inspiration behind these tracks. 

1. Hurricane (2016)

If there’s any word that would perfectly describe the start of Luke Combs’ career, it would be “Hurricane.” But unlike the song, where it’s described as a feeling of being ruined by someone else, it’s a massive positive impact.

Six years ago, this song generated an overwhelming response – 15,000 copies sold on iTunes – that led Combs to a record deal with Sony Music Nashville. It was then reworked for country radio and officially released as the debut single off his album This One’s For You“Hurricane” peaked at number one on Billboard Country Airplay chart for two weeks, making him the first artist to chart a multi-week number 1 debut since 2012. 

2. When It Rains It Pours (2017)

As they say, “When It Rains It Pours,” and for Luke Combs, success definitely poured overflowingly the second time around. This song, inspired by a break-up and flamed by a chance to get back to his ex (and make her mad), reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Aside from being a country hit, the song was also a pop hit, ranking 33 on Billboard Hot 100. 

3. One Number Away (2018)

Themed on a classic country breakup story, “One Number Away” tells of the regrets of breaking up and a wish to hear from each other once more. The message of the song definitely resonated with many and brought Luke Combs his third number one hit. 

4. She Got the Best of Me (2018)

“She Got the Best of Me” was written way before Luke Combs even reached country mainstream and was actually originally titled and released as “It Got the Best of Me.” Even though he put it out in an EP back in college, he felt that the song didn’t have the chance to bring an impact.

After his debut, Combs added this song to the deluxe version of his first record and earned his fourth consecutive chart-topping hit. It also marked Combs as the first solo artist to put four singles at number one. 

5. Beautiful Crazy (2018)

Luke Combs’ wife Nicole Hocking surely is one lucky muse and a lucky charm as well. “Beautiful Crazy,” which was inspired by their love story, was first performed at live concerts and then, later on, garnered overwhelming attention after it was posted on Facebook. And when the tune was finally released as a bonus track for his reissued debut album This One’s For You Too, it quickly hit the number one spot on the Airplay chart. 

It also went on to dominate the Hot Country Songs for 11 weeks and simultaneously top three other more charts, including Country Streaming Songs, Country Digital Song Sales, and Top Country Albums. 

6. Beer Never Broke My Heart (2019)

After his crazy fifth consecutive hit, Luke Combs was on the go for a sixth, and “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” which was the lead track off his sophomore album What You See Is What You Get, seized that for him. The song, which he first played acoustically in one of his concerts in 2018, also became an old favorite among fans. 

7. Even Though I’m Leaving (2019)

Luke Combs’ 7th consecutive number-one single and second 2019 chart-topper “Even Though I’m Leaving” is different from all his other hits. Instead of writing about heartbreaks, Luke Combs channeled the ‘monsters right outside’ from his childhood to pen a song about a father’s relationship with his son. This refreshing new track from Combs ended up spending 5 non-consecutive weeks on the Country Airplay chart. 

8. Does To Me (with Eric Church) (2020)

The third single from his album What You See Is What You Get, “Does To Me” featuring Eric Church earned Combs his eighth number one hit. And fittingly so, this song talked about overcoming self-doubts and uncertainties and celebrating everything even though they may seem insignificant to others. But aside from that achievement, this song also went on to mark Combs as the only artist to have his first 8 singles reach number one. 

9. Lovin On’ You (2020)

Combs broke his own record with “Lovin’ On You,” a 90s ode and a reference to Brooks & Dunn, and landed him his 9th consecutive number one with just 12 weeks on the chart. This was also the fourth number one track from his record What You See Is What You Get.

10. Better Together (2020)

Four chart-topping hits from the same record were definitely not enough for the North Carolina native. With “Better Together,” he scored his fifth number one from What You See Is What You Get and his 10th overall number one single. And not surprisingly so, this song was penned by Combs for his now-wife Nicole Hocking. 

11. Forever After All (2021)

Record setter and record-breaker. Luke Combs broke his own record yet again and became the only artist to have his first 11 singles reach the number one spot with “Forever After All.” The song, which was again inspired by his love story and wife Nicole, was part of the deluxe edition of his sophomore album What You See Ain’t Always What You Get. Not only that, but this is also the first of Luke Combs number one songs that set the biggest first-day streams for a country song on Apple Music.

12. Cold As You (2021)

Capping off our list of Luke Combs’ number one hits FOR NOW is “Cold As You.” This song marked his record-extending 13th consecutive career-opening number one single. This is also the seventh chart-topping hit from his second studio album combining the original and deluxe versions, which have already ruled Top Country Albums for an astounding 37 weeks since its debut. 


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