June 12

The Latest Country Songs You Need To Listen This June 2020

Good news to all country lovers out there, we’ve listed below the latest country songs that you should listen to today. You can expect some hits from familiar names, but keep your eyes peeled for the newcomers too. 

On top of the list is the feel-good song from Luke Bryan that will remind you that life can still be sunny despite all the alarming and negative news circulating recently. The song has Bryan counting “One margarita, two margarita, three margarita, we’ll be gone,” and name-dropping Kenny Chesney, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Buffett’. It’s actually pretty hard to hear this song and not feel a very welcome relief from the real world — even for just for a few moments.

Country superstar Trace Adkins follows close behind who is sporting a new record deal and that same resonant bass. He is reeling us back in with “Mind on Fishin’,” which, according to the singer, “humorously tells the story of a struggle we have all faced a time or two.”

There’s also a powerful new single from Kane Brown, Worldwide Beautiful,” that aims at advocating for equality and justice. All proceeds from the song will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of America in the wake of the present movement against racism and police brutality.

Brown announced the release on his Instagram account earlier this month, saying that he’s “been holding onto” the song for a while. “I’m releasing this song early that I’ve been holding onto for a year,” he wrote. “I’m hoping it will bring us together during this time, and proceeds are being funded to the boys and girls club. I love you guys,” the singer said.

There’s also another timely track from Mickey Guyton, “Black Like Me,” that describes a childhood spent feeling different and out of place because of her skin color. The singer revealed that the song was actually inspired by her struggles in Nashville.

“I did Nashville the Nashville way for so long, and I had seen so many women do Nashville the Nashville way, with very little results, and that’s kind of how I felt within my own life as being a black woman,” Guyton said. “I was having to face that and feel that, and go through studio sessions or makeup sessions having all these people around me that don’t look like me telling me how to do my hair and my makeup, and me a lot of times having to do my own hair, because people don’t know how to do my kind of hair. And me turning in a song and it automatically being [declared] too pop.”

Guyton admitted that while “everything was always available to me,” she has always felt the pressure “to please and to fit in.” She felt incapable of making art that others supported: “If I went too country, if I went traditional, it was not current enough. And then if I made it poppier, then I was too pop,” she says she was told.

Check out more inspiring new country songs below.

1. “One Margarita” by Luke Bryan

2. Mind Of Fishin'” By Trace Adkins

3. “Worldwide Beautiful” by Kane Brown

 4. “Black Like Me” by Mickey Guyton

5. “Be a Light” by Thomas Rhett

6. “Hard To Forget” by Sam Hunt

7. “On This Side of Heaven” by Eric Paslay

8. “Cover Me Up” by Home Free

9. “Hard Days” by Brantley Gilbert

10. “Only Truck In Town” by Tyler Farr


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