July 17

Brett Eldredge’s ‘Sunday Drive’ Will Take Us On a Nostalgic Ride


Practice makes progress. As Brett Eldredge releases his new 2020 album ‘Sunday Drive,’ country fans see a great improvement in his style, maturity, and insight compared to his 2017 self-titled album. With his theme of including precious memories back on time, he built up a new whole impression for himself making his fans go crazy over what to think of their favorite artist.

Drifting away from his usual mid-career path, this album doesn’t plunk in his fancy drum loops or snap tracks. It focuses on an acoustic feel with guitars and piano, thus highlighting Brett’s one of a kind voice, bringing great boost on the album’s emphasis on nostalgia and some of his childhood melancholy.

Brett Eldredge’s Impression On His Work

“I knew we had something really special, but I like the feeling of knowing we got something good, let’s see what happens when we unveil it to the whole world…” Brett Eldredge on his opinion about restricting his family off his music, and his realization on why he must share his personal bonds with the world.

Just like any artist, he also had his ups and downs in his career. One of his mid-career crises includes his loss of passion for music. He said in an interview that there was a time that he would play and sing all songs not because he wanted them, but only so the radio would play them and earn him commissions.

As Brett Eldredge regains his love for his work, he becomes a much different artist than before. He almost never signed for a record for his fourth album but did so after knowing that it would be “Sunday Drive”. Fortunately, it’s an album that matches his goal, to be the promising singer that he always wanted to be. Using his past experiences, he was very much successful in using it as the main theme of his album. At the same time, it reminded him of his vision of why he aspired to be an artist in the first place.

Although many people think that he becomes apprehensive due to his recent decline in offers, he was just being more careful about picking what he would consider being a great record. His works, per se, will all be a dedication from his heart.

Brett Eldredge, in actuality, has not become a different artist with his recent approach. He just reclaimed his roots and is ready to take a full circle in his career again.


Brett Eldredge

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