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“The Bright Side of Life” is Being with God


The Bright Side of Life” is being with God. Some of us think that a good and bright life is when we already reached our dreams. We tend to forget that life is full of surprises. Life is really difficult, but God makes a way to make it easier somehow.

The Bright Side of Life
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Everyone wants to attain the bright side of life, but before we attain that we must first endure pain. Even if we are children of God, that does not mean we are exempted to face difficulties. The pain we endure is a living testament of who we are now. That also becomes the reason why we should keep our faith in God strong.

We show that we love God by following and obeying Him. Sometimes, because of our selfishness, we intentionally disobey Him. In what way? It is simply by the wrong things we have committed. Other people tend to steal because of some reasons like poverty, envy, or greed.

The bright side of Life
The book of Psalms. Image from Pixabay

I bet all of us have already heard God’s words. Are you already contented by simply sitting down while hearing His words? Well, a true follower and believer of God would not only agree by sitting and hearing His words. In fact, he/she would make a way to spread God’s words to other people.

He/she will never be ashamed to tell the whole world that he/she is a child of God.

In every test, we have a choice

In every failure, there  is a calling voice

In every will, there’s always a way

There’s hope waiting at the end of the day

Move on to the bright side, Move on to the bright side

Move on to the bright side of life

The words mentioned above are proof that we must always look up at the brighter side of life. If we only stick with the problem, then we will never grow. The reasons why we encounter problems is for us to become stronger and braver of whatever life brings us. Go on to wherever life takes you for you are with God.

Hear the Song “The Bright Side of Life” Below:


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