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30 Best Country Breakup Songs to Help You Ease Your Pain 

25 Country Breakup Songs

Songs about breakups have always been popular. Nothing is more calming to the soul amid a heartbreak than listening to some excellent country breakup songs, even as time goes on. Because as most of us are aware, most of us experience heartbreak daily.

The reason might not necessarily be a romantic one. Occasionally it can also be brought on by sadness after losing a family member or, as most people would put it, a friendship split. However, in this world where breakup songs dominate everything, there is nothing more comforting than country music breakup songs.

So which among the many broken heart country songs performed by outstanding musicians is regarded as the best? We decided to compile this list of the top 30 country breakup songs for you to listen to. 

Here, you’ll find a piece to help you cope with every feeling of breaking up with someone, including sadness, loss, rage, and even a bit of relief and individual liberty delight.

There is a song on this list that, no matter what state of post-breakup grieving you’re in—denial, fury, sadness, or even acceptance—will express your emotions, provide you some solace, and let you know you’re not alone.

In this list, you’ll discover anything from classic tunes to contemporary ones, from Jason Aldean songs to tracks by Keith Urban. Their music will undoubtedly make you feel less alone as the unfulfilled promises become distant memories.

That’s why you should check out our list of the 30 best country breakup songs if you intend to include songs about moving on while you recall the regrettable memories. And we can guarantee that you won’t ever be the same.

1. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Willie Nelson


The song Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain is about lost love. Although there is no way to adequately express how difficult it is to split ways with the person you once loved the most, the feelings depicted in the song are unequaled. It would be best if you listened to it since it is one of the best sad country songs after a breakup.

2. I’m Over You by Keith Whitley


Keith Whitley’s I’m Over You is one of the many great country songs about moving on. According to the song, even if one continuously cries every day, it doesn’t mean it still hurts. Sometimes, crying is just a way of coping with the painful separation after a breakup. It is a way of moving on. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, the narrator in the song says he’s already over the lover he once adored. 

3. Stay by Sugarland


Sugarland’s “Stay” might be one of the most depressing country breakup songs ever. The song tells the perspective of a mistress drowned in loneliness as the man she adores returns to his real wife. As she slowly realizes that she is involved in an Unrequited Love affair, the mistress decides to find a man who can love her fully. That way, she won’t need to share it with another woman again. 

4. Trouble with A Heartbreak by Jason Aldean


This painful song talks about how painful it is to heal the wound that a breakup has made. The misery one must endure to go through unbearable heartache is unimaginable. This song is considered one of the country breakup anthems, as it helps ease the pain of those broken hearts. 

5. I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton


This Dolly Parton song has one of the most heartbreaking country music breakup lyrics ever. Perhaps the song’s breathtakingly straightforward but devastating lyrics are the reason it has connected with so many listeners over the years. The lyrics’ uncomplicated emotion is what gives the song its enduring appeal.

6. You’ll Think of Me by Keith Urban


Falling in love is one of the best feelings anyone could feel. However, letting go of someone you’ve loved the most is as painful as it gets. This Keith Urban song is one of the heartbreaking country songs that shows how the narrator should move on. Despite his continuous longing for the past, he has no choice but to move on since the woman he once loved is now happy with another man. 

7. Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson


Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind” is a beautifully written apology for a love gone wrong. It’s a song about regret as the narrator wishes he had done more for the lover he adored before it was too late. He slowly realizes in the most painful way how he has done less to make her stay. But, even after the painful breakup, the girl stays on his mind. 

8. Break Down Here by Julie Roberts


If you are longing for the perfect broken heart country song to listen to, then Break Down Here by Julie Roberts is the perfect one for you. It symbolizes having a nervous breakdown or crumbling under the weight of a painful breakup. The song talks about how the bittersweet memories slowly eat you every day as you try to move on. And there is no other painful feeling than the hopelessness of not being with your lover again.  

9. Give It Away by George Strait


George Strait’s “Give It Away” is one of the best country songs about divorce that anyone can listen to. It’s about the narrator’s despair when he finds out that the woman he loves ultimately wants to remove him from her life. There is truly no more painful feeling in the world than that. 

10. What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts


This country song about heartbreak, which Rascal Flatts did a rendition of, has remained a classic. The adult contemporary and country charts in the United States were topped by it as part of his 2006 album Me and My Gang.

11. When I Call Your Name by Vince Gill


This song describes the singer’s agonizing reaction to learning that his sweetheart had broken up with him. It’s excruciating beyond words to love someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you.

12. Over When It’s Over by Eric Church


People say that this is one of the best country songs about heartbreak. This song is about a person going through a breakup and realizing it’s over while chatting with his ex. It’s challenging and unpleasant, but that’s the way things are.

13. Every Light in the House Is On by Trace Adkins


It is a song off his album Dreamin’ Out Loud and relates the tale of a breakup where he promises to leave a light on for his ex-girlfriend in case she ever returns. He wants her back so badly that he turns on every light, thinking of shutting them off once he starts to get over her. It’s a pretty good metaphor for moving on. 

14. Someone Else Calling You Baby by Luke Bryan


The song is one of Luke Bryan’s greatest hits. It’s part of his 2009 album Doin’ My Thing. The song’s narrator notices his sweetheart in someone else’s vehicle and starts to wonder whether his lover has left him in favor of another. To experience such anguish must be truly agonizing.

15. A Little Past Little Rock by Lee Ann Womack


The song is part of the Some Things I Know album by Lee Ann Womack, released in 1998. It describes a lady who, aware that she is leaving her troublesome relationship behind, drives on the highway carefree and joyously wherever it leads her. And since so many people understood what it meant, it turned into one of Womack’s biggest hits.

16. Miss Me More by Kelsea Ballerini


This song is one of the modern country breakup songs out there. The song was included in Ballerini’s album Unapologetically and released in 2017. It is about the narrator realizing that she misses her old self more than her ex-lover, who manipulates her continuously during their relationship.

17. White Horse by Taylor Swift


This song talks about falling in love and having that fairytale-like expectation with that person, only to realize that it won’t work out. That feeling is one of the most painful feelings ever. The song was simultaneously uplifting and melancholy.

18. The Dance by Garth Brooks


The Dance is a pretty simple song from Garth Brooks. It discusses the breakdown of a passionate romance and the tragic death of a person who, after a brief period of glory, died for what he believed in.

19. Die from a Broken Heart by Maddie & Tae


Some people say isolation is the best way to move on. However, in this Maddie and Tae song, a simple phone call with someone you trust, which in this case, the narrator’s mother, can somehow ease the pain. It simply reminds us that heartbreaks are not the end of the world. 

20. You and Tequila by Kenny Chesney (Feat. Grace Potter)


In the song, a lady is compared to tequila and how much the narrator loves her despite attempting to move on following a difficult breakup. She drives him crazy, just like tequila does, yet he keeps coming back to her no matter what. 

21. What He Didn’t Do by Carly Pearce


This song offers a somber perspective on the breakdown of a relationship. Being aware that it is time to move on. Thus, if you’re seeking the ideal country love song breakups, you should listen to this one.

22. Misery and Gin by Merle Haggard


Most people drink alcohol in hopes of making those painful fading memories go away. However, little did they know that with each sip of gin, these sad moments come back and haunt us once more. 

23. Just to See You Smile by Tim McGraw


Choosing your career over your lover is quite a common thing nowadays. However, we can’t deny that it is painful to say goodbye, especially as the broken promises start to fade away. 

24. Drinkin’ Too Much by Sam Hunt


This song serves as the narrator’s apology to his sweetheart. The real-life on-and-off girlfriend of Sam Hunt, Hannah Lee Fowler, who subsequently became his wife, served as the inspiration for the song. The song’s meaning is rather straightforward, so you should check it out!

25. Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert


It’s usual for our mothers to reprimand us. Especially when we mistakenly believe we are acting appropriately despite doing something incorrectly. And this song only describes a mother’s attempt to console her daughter after the traumatic breakup she is experiencing.

26. Smoke Rings in the Dark by Gary Allan


In the song, the narrator refers to his lover as a flame. As the flame slowly fades away, the spark also disappears. It simply means that the once lover no longer love each other as the flame turns into smoke rings. This song is considered one of the best country music breakup songs.

27. Tin Man by Miranda Lambert


The song was included in Lambert’s sixth album, The Weight of These Wings, released in 2017. Climbing the rankings, reaching the 15th spot on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard). This song became one of Miranda Lambert’s greatest hits.

28. Crazy by Patsy Cline


Anyone whose gone through a painful breakup can agree how the feelings can make you lose your mind. In this one, Heartache Country Songs, the narrator tells how she can’t bear the pain of losing his lover. The lyrics are simple and straightforward; however, the meaning is as painful as it gets. 

29. Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood


This is among the most badass breakup songs anyone could ever hear. This Carrie Underwood song’s message is immediately clear from the title alone. It’s simple retribution against an unfaithful partner.

30. Dreaming My Dreams with You by Waylon Jennings


The song is an intricate, lovely ballad about heartbreaking regret and loneliness, but it also affirms the strength of love in the face of terrible odds. It’s a story about the agonizing separation from a precious loved one who was lost due to the narrator’s unacknowledged vulnerability. The song is regarded as one of the sad country breakup songs to listen to.

So if you’re going through a painful heartbreak at the moment, let these 30 best country breakup songs accompany you through your moving-on journey.

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