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James Lambert


January 12, 2023


January 12, 2023


January 12, 2023

Born in Nashville, Tennessee on December 4th, 1984, Jason DeFord is widely recognized by his stage name Jelly Roll. He is an American rapper and vocalist, lauded for his collaborations with many talented artists such as Lil Wyte and Struggle Jennings.

His semi-country song “Son of a Sinner” was regarded as one of the Best Jelly Roll songs everyone should listen to. Jelly Roll, primarily known as a rapper, has become the talk of the town for being the one who will save country music. According to some speculations, the rapper will undoubtedly switch to country music after the song’s enormous popularity.

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Apart from that, many find his life story to be fascinating. From time spent in jail to having a child at a young age to getting a stop-and-desist letter from Waffle House, his life is anything but dull! 

He recorded several original songs and chart-topping smash tunes in collaborations with other artists, such as “Fall in the Fall,” a song he released with Struggle Jennings

So, scroll down and choose a song you want to add to your playlist from the Top 10 Best Jelly Roll Songs list we have for you.

1. Save Me

Jelly Roll released the song “Save me” as a part of his “Self Medicated” album in 2020. As implied by the song’s title, it was about requesting someone or something for help. Given the song’s profundity, many listeners could relate to its message. You should thus listen to it if you want to experience the song’s sincere feelings.

2. Son of A Sinner

Jelly Roll created another incredible hit song in 2021 as part of his album Ballads of the Broken. ‘Son of a Sinner‘ is one of his tracks with a slight country-rock vibe. Many country music listeners adored it, making it one of his hit tunes ever released. 

3. Hate Goes On

The song was included in his 2017 album ‘Addiction Kills,’ with eleven other incredible songs. The song was simply about how sometimes hate persists despite our best efforts. Furthermore, it is a fact of life, particularly in the world we live in today.

4. Bottle and Mary Jane

The song was first made available in 2020 as a track on his album A Beautiful Disaster. Given that it talked about inescapable troubles and how sometimes we seek out particular coping mechanisms to deal with the pain, “Bottle and Mary Jane” struck a chord with many listeners. And occasionally, these systems do us more harm than good.

5. Dead Man Walking

The song included elements of rock, Indian pop, and country music. It was included in his album Ballads of the Broken, which came out in 2021. The song was about knowing that a relationship would not last long since just one person is dancing with the rhythm of love. And that in the end, one will be left alone, like a dead man walking on his own. 

6. Same Asshole

He included a song called Same Asshole in his album Crosses and Crossroads, which came out in 2019. Based on the song’s title, it is clear what the lyrics are about. We often strive to be the best versions of ourselves. But sometimes, we keep acting like the same asshole we are. 

7. She

The song was made available in 2022 through his She-titled album. The lyrics’ message is rather clear. It concerns a man discussing a girl with whom he had expressed interest.

8. Only

This masterpiece was included in his album Addiction Kills, which was released in 2017. This is one of his songs that had a country feel to it. That’s why it had no trouble attracting country listeners.

9. Creature

This excellent piece of art talks about how sometimes the scariest creature is ourselves. Creature talks about mental health issues with which many people would connect. 

10. Need a Favor

The song’s gritty rock melody was introduced in 2022. The song sounds great from every perspective, both musically and lyrically. The fact that it has a distinct sound from traditional country music makes it more exciting and enjoyable for listeners.

Without question, Jelly Roll is one of the best country singers out there. He has molded the industry with unique song releases that everyone enjoys.

Here are some of the best Jelly Roll songs you might want to check out. 

  • Empty House
  • Fall in the Fall
  • Ridin All Alone
  • Backslide
  • Proud
  • Zombie
  • Double Crown
  • Over You
  • Dearly Departed
  • We Don’t Believe You
  • Be That Way
  • Can’t Go Home
  • Ridin All Alone
  • Glitter
  • Problem Wit It

Without question, Jelly Roll is among the finest in the industry. He has produced incredible songs for listeners to enjoy. Here are some of our recommendations if you’re struggling with finding songs to listen to today. We promise you’ll find something special in his music – something that will make your day brighter and fill your heart with joy. Make sure to check out the best of Jelly Roll’s songs from our Top 10 list for an unbeatable listening experience!


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