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What Lies Within: Jelly Roll’s “Creature”

Jelly Roll Creature

When we think we have much to fear outside ourselves, think again.

Jelly Roll’s “Creature” has fans and listeners worldwide relate to it in one go. The song features the smooth flows of Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko, a short rap from Jelly Roll but more of his chill and swag verses.

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“Creature” is part of Jelly Roll’s A Beautiful Disaster album that peaked at the 9th spot on the US Billboard Independent Albums chart.

Meaning Behind the Song

Mental health issues during this time, primarily when the pandemic occurred, are evident. All the quarantine and solitude left us feeling alone to the point where we reflected a bit too much.

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“Creature” by Jelly Roll somehow enlightens us on issues we face. The scariest fears aren’t found anywhere but within ourselves. The creature that hides in our minds is dangerous because of the thoughts and ideas it generates that could most likely affect us.

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Jelly Roll dedicates the song to the people going through tough times and trying their best to keep things together. In his pinned YouTube comment on the song’s music video, he wrote that “Creature” was for the ones who had to go through life and overcome the thoughts by accepting the monsters under their beds and demons outside their windows, sadly.

Fans and non-fans commend Jelly Roll for touching on the most sensitive topic to talk about nowadays, mental health. Many also appreciated him for relaying the message through his song, “Creature.” Other even mentioned how the music saved their lives because it perfectly described what they were going through.

Listen to “Creature” by Jelly Roll right here.