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December 14, 2020


December 14, 2020


December 14, 2020

The Eagles have been one of the renowned group of artists that had pretty high standards set amongst themselves. It later resulted in the group breaking up around the ’80s. But that bitterness became a tale of the past when Travis Tritt tried to get the band together again.

Bitter Medicines

For starters, their band broke off because of their differing tastes in music just after they released their first studio album and breakthrough hit ‘Take It Easy’. They had their fair share of tours and concerts but with built up resentments against each other.

During their 1979 continuous sessions ‘The Long Run,’ most of them struggled to perform as they were under the influence of drugs, problematic and pressured as they have to do a follow-up to their 1976 album “Hotel California.” The infamous concert event leads to an unfortunate end of Glenn Fray and Don Felder arguing onstage in front of the crowd which left a bad taste for their reputation and fan impressions.

Curing Grudges and Hate

But the same song rumored to be the cause why the band shattered also became the glue that got them back together in 1993. That would be all thanks to Travis Tritt.

Giant Records Imprint saw great potential in ‘Take It Easy’ performed by Travis Tritt. The country singer decided to go for broke and went all out just to get the Eagles back together. Tritt was so sure that everyone laughed at the idea and made a big deal about it as nobody would think it possible. Luck must have been on Tritt’s side as he had the final laugh when he released the MV afterward.

Well, the reunion did not get them back together at that time, but what it did is to soften their grudges against each other. They’re able to hang out on stage without fighting, and seeing themselves together again made them realize that they didn’t really hate each other as much as they thought.

For Travis Tritt, he may not have gotten the band to totally smooth out their misunderstandings, but he did become a member of The Eagles for a day. His version of ‘Take It Easy’ didn’t fly high as The Eagles’ did as it only hovered around the ’20s of the country charts. Nonetheless, it paved the way for the surprise Eagle’s project in 1994, ‘Hell Freezes Over.’

The band is still quite active now though they still had their set of ups and downs; Felder got fired, and Frey kicked the bucket. But it’s still thanks to Travis Tritt who, despite getting laughed at, got their careers flying again.


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