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Three Students Wore Oversized Cowboy Hats As They Danced To “Elvira”

3 Students Give Dance To “Elvira” Wearing Oversized Cowboy Hats

If you’re looking to have a really good laugh, then you should definitely watch these three youngsters who are having the best time of their lives at the school assembly. Trust us, you are in for a treat of a dose of happiness after this. 

As the story went, a young boy named Walker was attempting to secure a vote to be a part of the school’s student council. But unlike other kids who did the normal campaign style, Walker went above and beyond to convince the students by performing a hilarious dance in front of his classmates. 

In the captured video, Walker was seen in full cowboy costume but with a twist! He was wearing an oversized cowboy hat, and it was so big that you couldn’t see his head, only his little arms and legs. But that was not the only interesting part. He also wasn’t alone as he managed to have his sister and her friend join him in his dance performance dressed the same. The three strutted in the gym – in sync – and they proceeded to kick up their boots to the tune of Oak Ridge Boys’ classic hit “Elvira.” That is why the youngsters called themselves ‘The Elvira Three.’ 

The performance received a roaring laughter from the crowd. And we’re sure that Walker definitely got the votes he needed. 

You can watch The Elvira Three’s serotonin-inducing dance performance in the video below.