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Smell Like An Expensive Southern Men With Tim McGraw’s Cologne Collection

Tim McGraw’s cologne collection is the perfect way for you to boost your confidence, make you attractive, and establish your look. Adding to his accomplishments, the country superstar has added the title “perfume designer” with his 7 colognes. Each bottle has a unique scent that was inspired by his Southern roots.

McGraw by Tim McGraw

Grab Yours here: McGraw by Tim McGraw

Woody, fresh spicy, and amber are the main fragrance of this cologne for men. McGraw by Tim McGraw was launched in 2008 when many celebrities collaborated with perfumers to make their own scent. The top notes are the nutmeg with bergamot. Next, you’ll find its heart wrapped in artemisia toppled by lavender and oakmoss. Lastly, it has a fair amount of base notes such as whiskey, tonka bean, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli.

McGraw Silver

Grab Yours here: McGraw Silver

Perfect for the summer, McGraw Silver blends the aquatic, woody, and lavender smells. Infuse with water notes and green leaves, fans agreed that this Tim McGraw cologne is what a man should wear during a spring or summer stroll. More so, it has lavender, sequoia, and orange blossom as its scent warmer.

Southern Blend Tim McGraw

Grab Yours here: Southern Blend Tim McGraw

Out of 170 votes, Southern Blend by Tim McGraw is the most re-purchased cologne in his collection, which received an impressive 4.6 out of 5 ratings. Many fans love to wear the scent during winter days as it warms up the nostrils and even has its prominent scent smelling whiskey, woody, and tobacco. 

Tim McGraw Soul2Soul For Him

Grab Yours here: Tim McGraw Soul2Soul For Him

If you’re looking for a men’s cologne that goes well in memory of the sweater weather season, then the country crooner has got you covered! Released in 2012, Tim McGraw Soul2Soul For Him fragrance is excellent for morning and night spray. It boasts accords of woody, warm spicy, and fresh spicy, among others.

Tim McGraw Soul2Soul Vintage

Grab Yours here: Tim McGraw Soul2Soul Vintage

An Amber Fougere fragrance for men, Tim McGraw did well on this cologne line. Launched in 2013, it’s the go-to fragrance for southern men with mandarin orange, ginger, and lavender combinations. It also has cardamom, orange blossom, cinnamon, tonka bean, cedar, and cashmere wood.

Bonus: Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul For Her & Vintage

Grab Yours here: Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul For Her & Vintage

They aren’t a power couple for nothing. Tim McGraw’s wife and country icon Faith Hill also has her own line of perfume. Her scents include citrus, sweet, fruity, and floral, perfect for a woman who wants to smell pleasing but not overpowering.

In adding these colognes under his belt, Tim McGraw’s net worth has increased exponentially. McGraw has built an empire for himself and his family which can be seen from their estimated millions. The country star has his wife to support him while his three daughters are either in college or have a life of their own.

Tim McGraw’s cologne collection can get you what you want as it plays with the olfactory. You can buy one on Amazon right now and, after a few sprays, you’ll definitely have the confidence and attractiveness that you have always wanted.


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