December 25

How Carly Pearce Enjoys Her Christmas Despite a Tough Year

Sometimes, just sitting on your couch enjoying a bowl of popcorn, and rewatching some of the annual Christmas movies on repeat is the most low-key yet the most enjoyable Christmas tradition. That goes the same for legendary and rising artists alike now that they’re free from the crippling deadlines at work or the ever-hassle preparations artists do to rise to the ranks. This season of peace, free-living, and joy is something artists all over the world like Carly Pearce could only dream of.

Revisiting Traditions

As she shares her Christmas traditions with her label Big Machine Records, we got to see another side to Carly Pearce’ personality. With her pets and mum, they simply enjoy two films ‘The Family Stone’ and ‘The Holiday’ like she does way before she entered the industry. ‘It’s simply our thing’ she said. But aside from that, Pearce says that she also enjoys hanging furry Christmas stockings and animals as it reminds them of other members of their family and relatives.

This year, Carly Pearce’s family opened their hearts for a furry member, June, a Shih Tzu puppy they adopted. This was following her divorce from her ex-husband Michael Ray which will, of course, mean another new stocking that they will hang near their fireplace as they watch and drink the shows they love during the season.

Moving On

2020 wasn’t an easy year for Carly Pearce as she recently got divorced from her fellow Country Artist whom she worked countless projects on. But through this season, she may use it to recollect her feelings towards him or to turn a new leaf with their new family member and start anew in 2021.

Her moving-on process is what led her into creating her latest single ‘Messy.’ Pearce explains how she got through an emotional rollercoaster and her hopes to one day heal and save her grace. This song preceded her breakup song directed towards Ray titled “I Hope You’re Happy Now” and will be further succeeded by her current radio single “Next Girl” which will be premiering in 2021.

The dates for Carly Pearce’s upcoming projects are yet to be announced early next year together with her postponed 2020 tours due to the rise of the virus. She will also be part of a joint concert called ‘Lake Jam’ in 2021 which will include artists like Jon Pardi, Ratt, Brothers Osborne, Tracy Lawrence, Lita Ford, Slaughter, Matt Stell, Runaway June, and Larry Fleet.


Carly Pearce

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