August 27

Carrie Underwood Singing the New SNF Season’s Theme Song Still Hits Home

Get those football gear on and be on the ready because country music fan or not, when the game is on, the party is on!

NBC will be back again as Season 2020-2021 of Sunday Night Football is up and running. Once again, the opening ceremony promises to be a banger for the ‘eight’ time around September 13 and Carrie Underwood will be in charge to bring out the golly. It may not happen physically this time due to health protocols but nothing beats the representation of a great country artist who’s also a football fan!

Ready for The New Normal

From data gathered by the press, the filming for the opening sequence of SNF turns out to be a great success without utilizing any extra personnel. It merely included the players’ virtual cameos and personal play highlights while SNF’s appreciation for fans is highlighted with the use of AI to build up a crowd for extra aesthetics.

Carrie Underwood is undeniably one of the most anticipated stars during the virtual opening sequence. She recently revealed that she recorded a new version of the Sunday Night Football theme titled ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night’ just to complement the virtual release of season 2020-2021.

Bringing the Theme Song Closer to Home

‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night’ is a legacy marked by some of our country music artists. It began when they re-wrote Joan Jett’s ‘I Hate Myself for Loving You’ way back 2006. Pink held the throne for several years until Faith Hill succeeded her. Carrie Underwood’s affiliation as the SNF theme singer only began in 2013 and Tripp Dixon, the creative director, has been enthusiastic working with her ever since. Dixon commended Underwood’s efforts as she was able to bring the theme song closer to the game fans.

If you’re already excited, well, this is just the sprinkle to your cupcake as the featured game for the seasonal debut of SNF is between Dallas Cowboys going against Los Angeles Rams that is set in California.

The epic comeback made by the original SNF theme song reminds us that football is enjoyable even though we don’t get to experience the game in person. Miranda Lambert’s ‘Somethin’ Bad’ replaced the original theme in 2016. “Game On” snagged the spot in 2018, but what proves that home will always be the best place is “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” which was restored in 2019.

In 2020, may all football and country keep themselves safe and sound in the comfort of their homes as our athletes and all-time superstars do their best to provide quality entertainment for all of us.


Carrie Underwood

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