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National Geographic’s Outback Wrangler Chris Wilson Died in Helicopter Crash

Star of National Geographic's Outback Wrangler Chris Wilson Killed in Helicopter Crash

The cast members of National Geographic’s Outback Wrangler are mourning for the death of “their best friend and highly respected colleague,” Chris Wilson. Wilson passed on when the helicopter he was riding crashed in a remote spot of Australia’s Northern Territory.

On Monday, Northern Territory Police, Fire, and Emergency Services received a report on an aircraft crash no later than 11 am. Police were called to the crash site on King River; however, it took them hours by boat to make it through the location.

When they arrived during the night, the authorities confirmed Wilson’s death while his 28-year-old companion was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital. He was later transported to Brisbane in critical condition.

The Fordham Company, the producer of Outback Wrangler, has confirmed the awful incident. 

Chris Wilson’s Life Of Action And Adventure

On the show, Chris Wilson was often seen traveling through remote areas. He described himself as a “crocodile wrangler” and “outback adventurer” on his Instagram page.

Outback Wrangler is a wildlife show where members fly by helicopter, travel by airboats, and other adventurous vehicles to secluded places in their endeavor of tracking down, capturing, and relocating a diverse range of dangerous animals. It is hosted by an Australian helicopter pilot and animal rescuer Matt Wright, who is “absolutely devastated” by the tragic accident. The two had even flown for miles just to lend a four-meter crocodile a helping hand. They traveled all the way to Indonesia to help get rid of a tire stuck around the crocodile’s neck.

Chris Wilson is survived by his wife Danielle and two little boys, Ted and Austin. He was 34. Meanwhile, Wright and his team are working with the authorities to investigate what caused this devastating tragedy.

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