November 15

Kirt Webster, Accused Sexual Predator, Spotted at 2019 CMA Awards

Kirt Webster was spotted at the backstage of the 2019 CMA Awards but why was the fallen mogul and accused sexual predator present in the prestigious event?

Surprisingly, it was Dolly Parton’s sister, country and gospel singer Stella Parton, who turned to social media to share that her superstar sister had been photographed with former Nashville powerhouse publicist and accused sexual predator Kirt Webster backstage at the 2019 CMA Awards.

Why was Kirt Webster There?

Parton co-hosted the 2019 CMA Awards alongside Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire on Wednesday, and Stella posted to Facebook on Thursday morning.

Kirt Webster, Kirt, Webster, Sexual Predator
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Here is what she wrote:

“I have noticed new photos from backstage at the CMAs last night and Kirt Webster the publicity person who had dozens of sexual assault allegations brought against him last year was front and center. I saw photos of him in my sister Dolly’s dressing room standing with her smiling like a Cheshire Cat!

These predators feel entitled to do the horrific things they do and even superstars like my sister, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tanya Tucker and others that he represented won’t say a word. It’s been proven that he never stopped working for one day after the scandal broke last year. It is a shame on the artists who stay silent and the CMAs for condoning this man’s perverted acts. My sister’s management is just as complicit in this scandal.

Yes, I know I should just stay silent but I choose to speak out against this type of thing. I have a grandchild and I raised a son and have nieces and nephews that I certainly don’t want to be around known predators. Responsible, healthy-minded adults have an obligation to the children of this world.”

Webster was one of the most powerful executives in Nashville whose client list included Parton, Kenny Rogers, Charlie Daniels, the Oak Ridge Boys, Kid Rock, and many more before his empire seemed to crumble in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual assault and rampant workplace abuse that became public in November of 2017.

Former Webster client and country singer Austin Rick accused Webster of drugging and assaulting him at a party at Webster’s house, and after he went public with his story, other former clients and employees came forward with a number of similar allegations ranging from assault to verbal harassment that they say was well-known in the country music community.


Kirt Webster

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