June 13

Scotty McCreery Sings a Great Bible-themed Song Called “The Old King James”

One would expect that the young artists of today would not immerse themselves with the Bible. Scotty McCreery not only knows the Bible, but he also wrote a song about it. This song meant the world for this rising country artist, and his inspiration was his love for his faith.

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Scotty grew up in a Christian family. On Sundays, they always go to church as a complete family so this helped strengthen his belief.

Behind Scotty McCreery’s “The Old King James”

The inspiration behind the song was his love for his grandfather. He believed that the lessons he learned from the Bible were passed down from one generation to another. He was reminded of the teaching from the Old King James version and he was swarmed by the beautiful memories of his grandparents.

His grandparents both fought in the war and Scotty knew the importance of their sacrifice. He worked so hard for the song and it was all worth it because the song was well loved by his fans. It was actually the closing song of his debut album. It’s the perfect way to end his album by sharing his Christian way of living. McCreery values his faith & his family, and that was what the song is all about.

Mama Crying Test

We all have a very supportive mother, borderline pushy, at times. Scotty McCreery has a unique standard of finalizing his tracks. His secret weapon is his loving mother. Yes, his mother apparently decides if the song is great, just good, or bad. The funny thing with his mother is her traditional way of doing things. Scotty revealed that if her mother listens to his song and it made her cry, then it is good to go. His mother has the magic tears that decide whether a song is good or not, and we could not agree more.

His parents are his biggest fans and if his mother is brought down to tears, you know the song is great. This song passed the mama-crying-test. How about you folks? Were you emotional about it as well?

Listen to the song here:


Scotty McCreery

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