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Scotty McCreery Remembers Late Grandfather at Y100’s 8 Man Jam With “Five More Minutes”


Back in 2016, Scotty McCreery took to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry with a new song to share called “Five More Minutes,” and it sent the audience to their feet. 

The Opry later shared a video of McCreery’s emotional performance. It generated a lot of buzz on the internet, garnering over two million views in less than a year even though the song was receiving no radio airplay, and it wasn’t even an official single at the time yet.

Finally, “Five More Minutes” was released in 2017 as the first single off McCreery’s 2018 studio album, Seasons Change. The song quickly reached the Billboard Country Airplay chart’s top spot, giving McCreery his first No. 1 hit overall. It also charted at No. 4 and No. 44 on both the Hot Country Songs and Hot 100 charts, respectively.

Three years after the song’s Grand Ole Opry debut, McCreery once again blew the crowd away during the 8 Man Jam – a yearly, exclusive tradition hosted by radio station Y100 and Bud Light in downtown’s historic Majestic Theatre.

“I got one more song for you tonight. What I’m gonna play to you all is very special to me as well,” McCreery said. “I wrote this song back in 2015, and I wrote this for my granddaddy Bill. He was my guy. He taught me a lot in life. We just lost him two weeks prior to writing this song, and I just wanted to sing about him. That’s how I get through things. It’s like therapy.”

The country singer also revealed a fun story about how his granddaddy Bill met a Puerto Rican Lady while serving in the U.S. Air Force, and that lady turned out to be McCreery’s grandmother. “It was sixty years of true love. It really was. It’s quite the example for me on being what true love is all about. It taught me a lot,” McCreery added. “So, when we lost granddaddy, it was tough for everybody. So, I wrote this song, wishing I had a little more time with the guy.” And the crowd kept on hollering and cheering for the singer.

Scotty Mccreery Emotionally Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

Scotty McCreery teamed up with songwriters Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell to write the song “Five More Minutes” following his grandfather’s death in January 2015.

“It’s just kind of where my mind was on that day when we went to the writing session…and started talking about granddaddy,” McCreery said. “Just the good times we had…still have a few things I wish I could have said to him and things I wish I could have done again with him.”

So, when Criswell said, “It’s just like you wanted five more minutes with the guy,” McCreery quickly responded, “That’s the song I’m going to write today.”

“Five More Minutes” reflects on various moments in a person’s life that leaves them wishing for a bit more time to treasure them. It’s about all sorts of situations in life that make you beg for “five more minutes” to experience those moments. McCreery ends the song by singing about his grandfather and how he wished for just “five more minutes” to spend with him. 

“At eighty-six, my grandpa said there’s angels in the room. All the family gathered ’round knew the time was coming soon. With so much left to say, I prayed, ‘Lord, I ain’t finished. Just give us five more minutes,'” the song goes.

Tune in below to watch Scotty McCreery’s heart-tugging performance of “Five More Minutes.” Don’t be surprised if it gives you chills, or even if it makes you cry.


Scotty McCreery

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