May 21

Meet The Exes: Michael Landon’s Marriages And Its Failures

When it comes to Michael Landon’s marriages, it’s baffling to some why it took him three times to find the love of his life. Wait, that’s not the real question. The real question we’re all dying to know is why did he marry again after failing in two marriages? Is this what we can call third time’s the charm?

Michael Landon is a famous actor of his time. Starring in icon television shows like “Little House On The Prairie” in 1974 and “Highway To Heaven” in 1984. His on-screen life is equal to his off-screen matters. That’s why a lot are intrigued about who are these ladies who conquered his heart.

The First Wife: Dodie Levy-Fraser

More than just a wife, it was thanks to Dodie Levy-Fraser that Michael got into the show business. Before getting hitched by the actor, Dodie had already been married but became a widow at the young age of 25. She has a son who was named Mark and later adopted by Michael so the child can use his family name. The former legal secretary helped built the late actor’s career, and they married on March 11, 1956. Unfortunately, their matrimony ended when Michael became smitten with a divorced model and started dating behind her back. They finalized their divorce in December 1962.

The Second Wife: Lynn Noe

Lynn Noe and Michael Landon were in a relationship even before the latter was legally divorced. Just what an adage says, strike while the iron is hot, so when his split with Dodie Levy-Fraser became official, the secret couple hurried to get married in a justice of the peace ceremony in Mexico, per INSP. Their love bore four children namely Leslie Ann, Michael Graham, Shawna Leigh, and Christopher Beau. They were married for 19 years before calling it quits because the family man fell in love with Cindy Clerico.

The Third Wife: Cindy Clerico

Cindy Clerico was decades younger than the actor when they first met on the set of “Little House On The Prairie.” She was a stand-in and makeup artist. During an interview about the divorce and new marriage of the actor, Michael clarified that the failed marriage of him and his former wife, Lynn Noe, got nothing to do with his current wife, who’s 20 years younger than him. They got married in 1983, had two children together, and stayed faithful to one another until the actor passed away in 1991.

Michael Landon’s marriages aren’t unusual. People get married today and the next day, they sign divorce papers. Although this has been the case for the famous television actor, Michael Landon’s children still see him as a great family man whom everybody loves.


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