August 7

John Prine Releases Quirky Music Video for “Lonesome Friends of Science”

John Prine’s newest song comes alive in his latest music video. His song “Lonesome Friends of Science” gets the animated treatment and the outcome is absolutely adorable.

John Prine’s as Cute as Can Be Music Video

Prine has definitely succeeded in sharing a delightfully surreal animated video for “Lonesome Friends of Science,” a track off of the singer-songwriter’s 2018 album, The Tree of Forgiveness.

John Prine, Music Video
via John Prine’s Official Facebook Page

This amazing music video was illustrated by the Barcelona-based artist Tiago Majuelos and produced by the Spanish animation production company Bliss. The video for “Lonesome Friends of Science” offers a visual representation of Prine’s amazingly vivid lyrics, which inject flavors from classic folk and country tropes into insightful stories.

John Prine Releases Quirky Music Video for "Lonesome Friends of Science" 1
via John Prine’s Official Facebook Page

The song has two main inspirations, mainly, The Vulcan, which is the largest cast iron statue in the world, and the demotion of Pluto to a minor planet.

In an interview, Prime explained his reasoning behind the song:

“I’ve always been kind of fascinated by the Vulcan in Birmingham, Alabama, and have tried to write a song about it for years. When I heard about how Pluto was demoted from a planet to a star (sic) I knew I wanted to write about it. I think the two stories complement each other.” 

The Vulcan is the largest cast-iron statue in the world. It is considered as a reflection of the iron and steel industry. Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and smithery, was a popular namesake for iron foundries in the Industrial Revolution. While Pluto was originally considered to be the ninth planet from the Sun, however, the International Astronomical Union revoked its placement back in 2006 when they re-defined what it meant to be a planet.

Recently, Prine had announced that he was postponing eight dates on his summer tour to undergo surgery to alleviate his risk of a stroke. He’s slated to return to the road in August, and we honestly can’t wait!

Speedy recovery, John!

Meanwhile. check out the absolutely adorable music video right here!

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