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July 10, 2020


July 10, 2020


July 10, 2020

You probably might have experienced heartbreak from a past relationship. More often than not, people use certain coping mechanisms to help them move on from a painful past. Bars are often used as a venue to ease such emotions. Such emotion, which was accompanied by a party vibe, was presented on Matt Stell’s new single, “If I Was a Bar”. 

Matt Stell first burst into the music scene with the multi-week number 1 platinum-certified hit, “Prayed for You.” The wedding-ready song solidified Stell’s reputation as one of the brightest newcomers in the industry. His songs have continually gained popularity and have continually turned heads with his follow-up single “Everywhere But On.” 

“Everywhere But On” has built a solid fan base for Stell’s early career. Consequently, his fans craved for more new music from the rising star. Stell did not disappoint them with the release of his new single “If I Was a Bar.” This took a different spin from Stell’s previous songs as it took a very creative concept of conveying its message to the listeners.

Creativity At Its Peak with Stell’s 13 Characters

Filming for Matt Stell’s “If I Was A Bar” video took a very challenging route not just with the concept but also on how the recent pandemic has refocused the way people live. Stell recorded the video with Dustin Haney as their director. The video was filmed during the peak of the quarantine period. This presented the team a greater task as they had to keep in mind how to make the video work while keeping in mind the number of staff involved. This gave birth to Haney’s idea to only have Stell as the one who is doing everything in the video. Stell took 13 characters to life with just him doing all of their work. 

“Doing it reminded me of some of my favorite scenes in my favorite movies,” says Matt Stell

Stell remembered how he has to dig down his closet to find clothes that would suit his 13 characters. The 36-year old rising star also quoted that it was fun executing Haney’s plans and how they were able to keep the safety guidelines issued by the state. Great problem solving there!

Haney said that the pandemic became an opportunity for them to exercise creativity on how to present a story. He added that the new normal now is all about maximizing what little you have. Stell needed approximately 15 minutes space in between playing each character. The process was tedious but seeing their output and fans’ positive responses, the trouble was worth it.


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