November 13

What Do You Love About Sunday? Craig Morgan Will Tell You

Wherever you are located, be it in the north or the south, you surely could not help but smile after hearing “That’s What I Love About Sunday” by Craig Morgan.


He brought to the scene how church folks regarded Sunday by purposely devoting it as a day for the Lord and a chance to have quality time with your family. A reminiscent song, Craig speaks of his Sunday experiences; from the unique variety of people gathering for the week’s special day (stanza 1) to moments built with both your immediate and extended families (stanzas 3 and 4). There is also the addition of that typical Southern tradition of preferring home-cooked meal over eating out after the morning service is done. It sure takes us, working folks assigned to distant sites with long, inhospitable hours back to the basics of living.

What is more to like in this song besides good content? Well, I like the setup in its official music video with pews lined on a field. It sure is nice to have an open-air church service sometime!

So, who is listening to this on a Sunday morning? I can feel you grinning now.

Kudos to Craig Morgan for not shying away from singing on Sunday as a hallowed day! God has gifted us one life. It ought to be used productively, but it is also meant to be enjoyed. The “That’s What I Love About Sunday” song is an on-point persuasion to have laid-back days as time off from chasing temporal and fleeting things. That way, you will appreciate living more.

So folks, what do you love about Sunday? Do share your thoughts in our comment section. We sure would be delighted to hear them. Have a blessed Sunday everyone and keep being productive for the rest of the week!


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