July 23

Dolly Parton Responds with a Cute Tweet to Lil Nas X’s Request

Lil Nas X is on the height of his career now with his No. 1 smash hit “Old Town Road.” His song may have been removed from the country charts but he gained the respect of country icon, Billy Ray Cyrus, as they did their collaboration. Now, the country rap singer wants Dolly Parton to do another remix of his famous hit.

Find out here how Dolly responded to Lil Nas X’s request.

dolly parton, lil nas
via Dolly Parton’s official Twitter page

Dolly Parton Being Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton joins in on the “Old Town Road” hype with a cute tweet in response to the country rap singer. The track is still on top of the Billboard Charts for 15 weeks now. Two more weeks and it will become the only track that spent the most number of weeks in the Billboards Hot 100. Lil Nas X tweeted:

And Dolly responded with a cute edited image of the track’s cover:

dolly parton, lil nas
via Dolly Parton’s official Twitter page

A lot of people were amused that the Dolly herself is open to the idea of collaboration. They also kind of expected the country legend to do something that is very ‘Dolly.’ The adorable pink horse is a really cute addition to the track cover and we could only hope for their collaboration someday.

More Collaboration for Lil Nas X

dolly parton, lil nas
via Mariah Carey’s official Twitter page

The country rap singer is on his way to country stardom. Not only is Dolly willing to do a collaboration with him, but he also got the attention of Mariah Carey. Mariah also responded to Lil Nas X’s request with a tweet of her picture wearing a cowboy hat. She captioned the photo with “One Sweet Town Road.”

More country singers jumped into the “Old Town Road” bandwagon, Mason Ramsey himself was included in the new remix of the song. The video was just posted after the area 51 meme went viral.

Old Town Road with Yodeling kid, Mason Ramsey:

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Dolly Parton, Lil Nas X

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