September 27

Elvis Presley Knows that “Without Him” We are Nothing

Elvis Presley has done a lot of gospel songs in his career. One particular album was How Great Thou Art, where he performed some of the greatest hymns of all time. One song in the album was “Without Him,” where he speaks the importance of seeking the Lord’s guidance.

His voice is perfect for singing gospel tunes because it packs a lot of emotion. The country singer decided to do his gospel album back in 1967, and until this day, we continue listening to it.

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What to do “Without Him?”

Have you ever wondered a life without our Lord Jesus Christ? This might be the case for a lot of people who are feeling hopeless right now and they feel lost. A life without Jesus in our heart can be a life without a goal. We must live following the path that the Lord gave us because He knows what is best of us.

The reason why there are a lot of problems in the world is that they do not have Jesus in their heart. They are misguided and they have a lot of hate, which would not occur if we have our Lord in our mind and in our soul.

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Lyrics Breakdown

Without Him, I could do nothing
Without Him, I’d surely fail

What could we do without the Lord? A path should be taken with the Lord’s guidance and this is what the gospel tune is all about. We all know of miracle stories where someone’s life is changed because they turned to the Lord. We may decide to choose a different path for now but in the end, we will still seek the path that Jesus has given us.

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It always gives us an assurance that He is by our side. He gives us hope that we will be guided and shown the path to righteousness. He will also make sure that we don’t take the path that will lead us to our doom. So make sure to always ask guidance from the Lord.

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